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Spoiler Alert! September 23, 2008

A Movie Review of Summer 2008: The Life of Some Kids in Salem

Genre: Feel-Good Comedy/Drama/Action Adventure

Cast: The director of this movie, God (Life as we know it, Earth: And Other Surrounding Planets, Godzilla XI), took an interesting approach when creating this movie, which is loosely based on a true story, and hired each person involved to play themselves.

Location: Salem, OR.

Plot: This story follows the lives of some teenagers and young adults in the summer of 2008. Without focusing on any one person, there isn’t one ‘protagonist’ per se, but many. This movie has multiple story lines and characters, illustrating not only the difficulty in these kids’ lives, but also highlighting the connection and comrade-like relationships one builds in this stage of growing up. We can see these characters grow during this summer as the kids go on many ‘adventures’ or ‘outings,’ together and apart, dealing with things such as…

  • going to kung-fu panda.. =)
  • one going to sun river
  • batman midnight premire, as the realization hits that 3 in the morning does not work well with being insecure.
  • a car wash and an over-nighter at the church
  • several taking summer classes
  • going downtown because salem is not youth-friendly, and there are limited things to do on a normal day
  • learning how to structure life around family, friends, school, work, and life’s many surprises.
  • lots and lots of movies
  • going swimming at north fork with great friends
  • silvercreek
  • many working, drama ensues both within the work setting, and outside but in regards to the work setting… some learn that sometimes it is best to distance yourself from situations you know wont turn out well.
  • excellent escape to portland for the day (x2)
  • one goes to mexico, and realizes how much she cares for the people back home.
  • beach trips add some comic relief and care-free summer days
  • frequenting the park, and realizing that obsessing over some things is completely ridiculous
  • a girl’s decision to move away for college
  • a great campout where relationships strengthen and legends are borne

Overview: Basically just a genaric summer fun movie, like a thousand before. A pleasing blend of comedy, action, drama, romance, tragedy, and adventure, which leaves the audience’s hunger for a good story satesfied. Sunny summer days, starry summer nights, and some lazy summer afternoons give you a basically well-rounded picture of a typical group of teenage & twenty-something friends, taking on the world one day at a time.

The First President Post

  • We give this movie a B-. Picture every other teenage movie about summertime, and you’ve got a good picture of this one. With perhaps a bit more zeal and passion than the norm, this movie tells the story of the same group of good friends in the same deciding time of life as we’ve seen a thousand times before. The only thing that makes this movie stand apart is this group’s tight bonds and compassion. See it, but we advise waiting until it comes out on video.

Persons Magazine

  • Go, Go, Go! A delightful cast and marvelous story of such a crucial period of one’s life. This movie has a unique heart about it that one can’t find as much as they would like! Lovely cast and precious peek into the lives of these kids. We at Persons Magazine give this one two thumbs up!

The Rainy Times

  • 5 buckets of popcorn to Summer 2008: The Life of Some Kids in Salem. The only criticism of this one we can find is that the cast was too involved.. the drama was so real because it was real.. the love and the anger and the comedy and the confusion and the doubt was so real because it was real. The only thing we can fault this movie with is hitting too close to home and leaving no lines uncrossed. Maybe too painfully realistic at some times, and too comically frank at others, but there is no doubt that this movie will go down in the record books, if only for those who were involved.

SkM&ittles August 28, 2007

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It’s weird how sometimes things will totally just blindside you. Like when you completely expect something 100% and it doesn’t happen. I don’t know how to explain it except that you are totally surprised.

The best example that comes to mind was today when I got home… There was a bag of candy on the counter. Colorful candy circles. M&Ms. So I grab a handful and toss some in my mouth. And it was weird. Chocolaty. And fruity. crunchy. And chewy. Apparently it was a mix of M&Ms and Skittles. And it wasn’t a big deal or anything but in that second i was like, “what the heck,” as I was completely expecting M&Ms and randomly got Skittles too. Plus the fact that M&Ms and Skittles def aren’t supposed to mix like that. Which is completely beside the point.

This summer has kind of been one of these things, too. Completely different than I thought it would be. Not bad at all, just different. It’s been random. At the beginning of summer I set aside this whole notebook thing for writing down all the fun stuff I did, imagining how full and awesome it was going to be, and how i would look back through it and go, “gee whiz i did a lot of neat stuff this summer.” Wellll i’m looking at my list. I kinda stopped writing and every once in a while I will try to fill it in but end up just writing the highlights and probably missing a lot. So I have like a page and a half of stuff. Hmm.

Now, there are a few weeks of summer left, and I fully plan to make the most of them. If i can find things to do. Kala is coming back soon. YAY. it’s been weird not having her here. I was so worried when she left. For one that she might not come back, and for two that i would be bored all summer. I have been bored a lot, it’s true, but what else is new. And i’ve had a really good summer doing things with other people. i’m so excited she’s coming home tho. And summer’s not over. Lots more days for lots more plans with lots more people. or the same people i’ve been hanging out with usually. but i like it. Labor day has always been kind of the judge of summer’s end for me, so i’ve been kinda freaking out about that, but college doesn’t start till later in september, so i can breathe easier, at least for a while. off topic. again.

It just kinda surprised me when i realized that next week my sisters are going back to school. little bit of a reality check.

Gah. this post totally had a point when i started and now has become just another installment of “Brianna babbles about nothing that anyone really cares about” where you guys skim without caring that much and then comment to be nice. or don’t comment at all. sigh. this happens far too much. My blog deserves more respect… it should be getting insightful or profound thoughts and instead it’s stuck with boring me. ah well. teehee i have fun. even if no one reads this. or if i decide not to post it at all. But I have to say, I wish I was more inspired to write some good posts…


Skimboarding August 21, 2007

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Caught a few on video… not my best rides but all i got lol… couple graceful wipe outs… so fun. horrible video quality but whatever.

And I bought a skimboard, so i’m thinking there are going to be at least a few beach runs in the near future.


Dream (And a Little Rambling) August 8, 2007

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Have you ever had a dream you just can’t shake? Like all day you can’t stop thinking about it… I had this awful dream last night, and it’s weird cuz I keep remembering it. Usually I have weird dreams but this one was just scary. I don’t know, it’s weird to not be able to shake it. That happened to any of you before? Anyway… that’s all.

Oh except I want to complain about the weather a bit.

What the heck is this!!?!? August. Clouds. Chilly. It doesn’t work! So so lame.

Alright now i’m done for reals. And if you couldn’t tell this is yet another attempt to create a post with little to go on. I had an amazing post ready a couple days ago then i realized i was wrong so i couldn’t post it, so all you get is this. deal with it.


And For That Split Second… July 18, 2007

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A second is a rather short length of time. A lot can happen in it, to be sure, but it is, after all, only a second. Therefore a split second, is truly an incomprehensibly short moment in time. So short, in fact, that a person really can’t think of more than one thing in a single split second.

I mean, in a full, “One, one thousand,” a person could practically rid the world of flying squirrels or talk sense into the people who use winking smiley faces too much. Both, I imagine, being very difficult tasks. In just a little “O-,” however, one could only perhaps contemplate the furriness of a flying squirrels’ ears, or become exasperated at the one who used their signature smiley for the 12th time in 4 minutes. Yes I am aware I use strange examples when I am tired.

You have to love some of these split seconds. It’s like when you are stopped at a light or in traffic directly next to someone. Windows down and music loud, you casually glance toward the car beside you. They are looking at you, you at them… you both quickly turn your gaze… just a mere moment in your day, and yet it is so amusingly awkward. Or that split second after you wave at someone who you thought was waving at you but it turns out they were waving at someone behind you. It’s amazing that such a short moment in history could hold such intense feeling. Awkwardness and embarrassment are both quite laughable after the fact, and yet at the time there seems no way to write off the sensation as anything but ‘awkward,’ or ’embarrassing.’

The scary ones are always interesting. That split second where you looked up at the roof and there seemed to be an alien there like in Signs, standing and watching you. Or when you look out your window and can just picture a person staring in at you. Your stomach drops and pulse races, and practically as soon as this happens you’ve started talking yourself down and realized it’s all in your head. Very fleeting, and yet so intense. It’s craziness.

Another weird one is the split second you jump off of something. Whatever it is. A rock into water, a bed, a cliff, whatever. That tiny second that you go, “What the heck am I doing.” Or the moments you go, “Oh. Okay. Well then.” Like when you realize something crazy big but it hasn’t sunk in yet. Those are good ones. Or there are the complicated times you look at someone or something and really really really want to say something but don’t quite know how it would go over so you decide against it and wonder… sigh. I don’t know. These shortest lengths of time kind of interest me.

I think I’ve babbled on long enough. There is no point really to this post. Unless you can find a good one, in which case I was going for that all along.


Dear Mapquest July 4, 2007

Dear John Mapquest,

I never foresaw this day coming, but alas, it has. This just isn’t working for me anymore. If you would have asked me yesterday, I would have said that I was sure we would be together forever, but today I saw the truth. You were only leading me on so that you could let me down, and I got that loud and clear with this afternoon’s happenings.

While I may not have noticed until today, I realize now that it was there all along. I mean, I was always the one doing all of the work in this relationship, and I can’t help but think that you never even cared. I followed your direction, your advice, and I followed it completely. There was no doubt in my mind that you were leading me down the right path, that is until you led me astray. Now I feel that I can’t put my trust in you, because quite frankly, I couldn’t take the feeling of you letting me down again. You never did care, did you?

People warned me that you were no good. They said I would be better off without you, but I was so stubborn! I had faith in you. Faith that was, apparently, misplaced. We can still be acquaintances, but this completely exclusive relationship must end now. It isn’t healthy, for either of us. You obviously cracked under the pressure, and I need a strong system that I can rely on. If you can’t do that, then we should rethink this commitment.

Please understand that I don’t have many hard feelings against you. We go way back, and we had some good times, and awesome adventures. Those days are long in the past, and we need to move on. Thanks for the memories, Mapquest. Perhaps someday we will find ourselves together again. But for now I must go.




Inflation June 28, 2007

    Early this morning, my littlest sister woke up enthusiastically. Those of you who know my little sister will truly appreciate the true wonder of that statement. And let me tell you, she was on a mission. Got dressed after carefully considering the weather, and bounded downstairs. She strode into the den and grabbed some paper, glue, coloring supplies, and the phone. In my sleepy stupor I noticed little else, that is until I heard her exclaim, “See you at noon!” saw her hang up the phone, and noticed her proudly holding up a paper sign reading “Lemonade! $.50!”

Ah, the lure of the lemonade stand to a kid in the summer. Do not underestimate it’s power. This particular lemonade stand disturbed me on so many levels. I’m serious.

First of all, I remember having lemonade stands at my old house. I used to love to have them. Sharon and I would drag chairs out to the end of the culdesac, a table, lemonade, and a whole lot of cups and ice. There we would sit for hours on end, sometimes joined by Cody, or Carmen down the street. Talking, giggling, having a grand ol’ time… and barely selling any lemonade. In fact, I think we probably had an average of about three customers every time. Our parents would sometimes buy some, and this one guy who lived across from our street would come out and buy some. We would replace the ice about 10 times, and occasionally we would find that we’d drunk all the lemonade, and one of us would run in and make more. Ahh… good times. It kinda makes me a little bit sad to think back to those summer days… we had such fun out there, whether or not we made any money. It was so simple lol. Hehe we’d get discouraged sometimes, and we’d  convince my mom to let us bring out da baby… thinking that it would lure people to our lemonade stand, having that cute little baby out there…

which brings me to the next disturbing point. Emylee was the cute little baby. And now she is the one out there with her best pal attempting to sell lemonade. It’s kind of surreal, truth be told. They are out there sitting side by side, drinking up most of the lemonade they have out there, and occasionally running in for more ice. It’s like deja vu. But not cuz it isn’t me. Just like it’s happened before.

But while many things seem extraordinarily similar,  it is clear that times are not the same. I mean, $.50?? Jeez. Inflation rears it’s ugly head. We used to charge $.15. If we were feeling particularly adventuresome. Not to mention the fact that they have an elaborate chalk mural on the sidewalk in front of their stand. Some things have definitely changed. And yet everything is so freakily familiar. And totally different. All at the same time.

The appearance may be more extravagant then in my day, but the basic idea is the same. Kids, opening a lemonade stand on the side of a dead residential street where 3 people pass by in an hour or two. A couple people stop and take pity, buying a glass or two and leaving an over the top tip with the excuse of not needing change or not having a smaller amount. The kids drink most of the lemonade themselves, the ice melts, and they have a great time. At the end of the day they count the money they’ve made, which looks a lot like that scene in Napoleon Dynamite where Napoleon counts the change he got at the chicken farm place. It is never quite as much as you think it is going to be. The kids split it evenly, excited about it even though they made like a buck fifty each, oblivious to the fact that doesn’t even cover the cost of supplies… craziness. Lemonade stands are so bizarre. They are like a world of their own.

I don’t know. It’s weird lol.