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A mix of seriousness and randomness. As many of the best things are. December 23, 2007

11 things I have learned to appreciate as I get older

Progression– moving forward…

Remembering– how things were… how we were…

Learning– how to grow up…

Spontaneity– can make a perfect moment…

Planning– but sometimes a well thought out plan is nicer…

Silences that Speak– when you can look at someone and they are looking at you and you both know what the other is thinking without having to say it…

Passion– believing in something with all your heart…

Wandering– not knowing where you are going and not caring, just looking for an adventure…

Conversation– never running out of things to say to someone…

Enthusiasm– founded or unfounded…

Laughter– the saving grace…

Each of these things have become more and more important, and seem to be trends in my life as time goes on… many underestimated, each essential…

11 things I have learned to not appreciate as I grow older

Mushrooms– …. why do the exist. honestly.

Bedtime– there is never enough time in the day…

Alarm Clocks– i love my batman one, hate what they stand for…

Egotism– joking is ok… true cocky behavior is just aggravating.

Drama– hate it…

Drama– hate it a lot…

Jealousy– not pretty.

Forgetting to block– just ends up with a mocking and a headache.

Bad Timing– sometimes timing makes an event, but bad timing can hurt…

Indecisiveness– or should i write that?

Klutziness– gosh i hope it’s endearing or something. not just uncoordinated.

Each of these too have influenced my life, often to my much dismay.

But life goes on, we live, we grow, we write random posts.


Email Survey FAQ August 13, 2007

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Many people have wondered how to take these forwarded email surveys that somehow seem to surface at random times throughout life. As far as I can see, there are 4 ways to deal with these surveys.

1) Sarcasm. The overly sarcastic approach is a very popular one. You tease and kid and exaggerate. You roll your eyes and say completely random things. This way, ‘serious,’ and ‘kidding’ collide and blur. And, I mean, what’s the fun of making fun of someone who spent half the survey poking fun at themselves and /or others? Okay, it’s still fun, but trickier.

2) The Disclaimer. Also a frequently used device. This is where you make up some sort of excuse, however lame, in hope that if anything is ever brought out, you can recite a well planned reason for your momentary insanity. I have to say, I don’t really think this one works all that well, unless the person is extremely gullible. Excuses carry little weight. I mean who could take some of them seriously. Examples of lame disclaimers:

a. I just went to *insert physical activity here* and I’m really tired, so I may not make sense

b. I’ve been up for *insert insanely long amount of time* and I may seem kind of random

Even if this happened to be true, people see it and don’t really care all that much. There are, however, a few excuses that I think would work.

a. I had to do that really fast so it’s possible I lied so I could have a shorter answer.

b. And I’m really wishing I could have seen your face when you read some of those answers I completely made up.

I’d buy those.

3) What They Want. I can’t say I have ever seen someone use this approach, but I figure it would work if you don’t care what they think and would answer the survey seriously anyway. You know they just read these for the blackmail material, and whether or not you have a crush on someone. So just tell them. Example:

i. What is your name? molly. I tripped over this chair today and totally looked really stupid… everyone was like staring and laughing… I am a huge klutz.

ii. What’s your favorite season? Summer. I have a crush on this one guy. He’s on the polo team.

I figure, you answer 2, maybe 3 questions like this, they have all they need and you don’t have to do the rest of the survey. Makes everyone’s life a little easier.

4) To The Point. Just write a really to the point survey and answer it instead. Like the previous idea, this hasn’t seemed to happen as of yet. It would look something like:

     i. Describe, in detail, all major and minor embarrassing moments in the last 3 weeks.

     ii. Name, picture, and social security number of your last 3 crushes.


     iii. List any habits you have, your potentially embarrassing qualities, your pet peeves, and anything one might use to quickly tick you off.

Answer these questions however you choose. No one will know whether or not to take it seriously or not because it’s so random. You could tell the truth, and people probably wouldn’t believe it.

So as far as I can see, these are the 4 ways to take these surveys and have some dignity left after. Or maybe not dignity. But at least the upper hand. And it’s just really fun.


Dear Mapquest July 4, 2007

Dear John Mapquest,

I never foresaw this day coming, but alas, it has. This just isn’t working for me anymore. If you would have asked me yesterday, I would have said that I was sure we would be together forever, but today I saw the truth. You were only leading me on so that you could let me down, and I got that loud and clear with this afternoon’s happenings.

While I may not have noticed until today, I realize now that it was there all along. I mean, I was always the one doing all of the work in this relationship, and I can’t help but think that you never even cared. I followed your direction, your advice, and I followed it completely. There was no doubt in my mind that you were leading me down the right path, that is until you led me astray. Now I feel that I can’t put my trust in you, because quite frankly, I couldn’t take the feeling of you letting me down again. You never did care, did you?

People warned me that you were no good. They said I would be better off without you, but I was so stubborn! I had faith in you. Faith that was, apparently, misplaced. We can still be acquaintances, but this completely exclusive relationship must end now. It isn’t healthy, for either of us. You obviously cracked under the pressure, and I need a strong system that I can rely on. If you can’t do that, then we should rethink this commitment.

Please understand that I don’t have many hard feelings against you. We go way back, and we had some good times, and awesome adventures. Those days are long in the past, and we need to move on. Thanks for the memories, Mapquest. Perhaps someday we will find ourselves together again. But for now I must go.




Senior Paper Gone Wrong. (Or is it Right?) April 9, 2007

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 High school has been a very interesting experience. I have learned many things, ranging from the trivial and insignificant, to the serious and important. I’ve learned life lessons, painful realities, and cool handshakes. Even though I’ve been in high school for only a short three years, I feel that it has prepared me to become the person I want to be in the future, cynical, intelligent, sarcastic, and incredibly good looking.

First of all, let me say that I’ve learned some interesting things. I found that the computers in the back of the library have Firefox installed. I found that standing by the front doors and yelling causes a domino affect. I found that naming a sheep Killer is not accepted among the ancient Grecians, or even those who just think they live in ancient Greece. I found that Chemists respond negatively to family time, and that balancing equations is only as hard as it is to someone who can’t do it. I found that I shouldn’t probably give people as hard of a time as I do, but that it is pretty darn fun. I’ve learned important lessons. Don’t expect people to know you are joking, or appreciate a sense of humor. In law, the word “tort” does not refer to a delicious dessert. These lessons have stuck out in my years in high school as amusing eye openers. These pretty much have nothing to do with anything except a silver lining to the painfully long days, but nonetheless, I had to say them.

Back on track, I have learned a lot of meaningful, book/informational, information. I have learned a ton about history, writing, math, etc. I really do like to be a smart person, so though I may complain about all of the work, I really am grateful that I learned most of the stuff I have. I still don’ t see the merit to poetry, but I suppose one can’t expect to learn everything in high school. This is where the intelligence came in. Somehow, without realizing it at the time, I learned how to diagram sentences, balance chemical formulas, speak clumsy Spanish, and write good essays. I am glad i learned most of this stuff, though I am the first to say that there was a lot that I learned that I will never find useful or interesting in any way shape or form. But hey, it makes me feel smart to add it in to daily conversations.

I developed my cynicism through various experiences and situations, mostly through witnessing stupid people doing stupid things. This was an everyday occurrence, and at some point, you start to lose faith in the human race. You can only see so many cheerleaders and their quarterback boyfriends, emos and their bad attitudes, and skaters who badly need belts before you question the sanity of those around you. Luckily for myself, I also have some really amazing friends to keep me out of the insane asylum, at least for now. Friends are an essential commodity when going through high school, and I have the best. These are the friends that listen to your complaining, be cynical with you, and then correct your whining when it gets to be too much. These pals counteract the stupidities, and reassure me that there is some hope. In a sense I think they’ve furthered my cynicism, as most of them are cynical themselves, but I love it. We complain about the painful realities of society, and then we take faith that we will never become them. Without this venting, I would have long ago been deemed insane.

My sarcasm, I believe, comes from years of having to laugh at myself. I was quite clumsy at a time, I must admit. I said dumb things and tripped over my own feet. I became quite good about laughing about myself, which I think is a good quality to have. Only when you’ve laughed at yourself can you start to truly enjoy laughing at others. This is pretty much the way I live my life. Being sarcastic can sometimes get you into trouble, but when used right, is absolutely amazing. I have a feeling that even if I wanted to stop being sarcastic, which I don’t, but even if I wanted to, there is no way I’d be able to give it up. It is just too fun. Sarcasm also has it’s advantages. I have been known to say things and then change my mind later. This is never good, since I have things like, “If I ever like him, just smack me,” and, “I will never be a procrastinator.” Both of these situations have changed, and luckily for me, I can claim that I was being sarcastic at the time I said them, and no one is the wiser. Yet.

I’m not really sure when I became incredibly good looking, all I know is that I am. Just kidding. See, that was a demonstration of sarcasm. Wasn’t that fun? Yes. We love sarcasm.

I’ve learned things that are trivial and meaningless. Molly’s locker number, where the library is, and who to talk to if you can’t find a book. I’ve learned many things that I didn’t want to know. I learned who the druggies were and who fails all their classes, who doesn’t know any words that aren’t cussing and who talks about you behind your back. I also learned who to trust, who to look up to, and who to ask when I need help on my homework. I’ve had some interesting experiences, some involving large explosions, sunburns, and car type things. I learned how to waste time. The lovely world of the internet has opened up many things… I’ve also listened through my whole library of itunes, around 1500 songs, approximately 30 times in the last year, and I’ve drank countless Diet Cokes, to many to even guess at. Which is kind of painful.

All in all, I wouldn’t trade the last three years. I don’t like going to school, and I don’t really think I ever will, but it was the things outside of school that made my highschool years a good time. I got my black belt, learned to snowboard, made lasting friends, learned how to drive, learned how to not drive, fallen asleep way too late, and learned why I feel compelled to look at the clock at 11:11. Even though school wasn’t the highlight of these last three years, it has fueled my cynicism, my sarcasm, and my intelligence. Now I am a senior, and a year early no less, and I am pretty terrified to be leaving the high school that I have come to know and… know. But I’m excited at the same time. Time to go make a difference, I hope, and time to refine all of the skills I take pride in. And get rid of the pride I take in them.