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Senior Paper Gone Wrong. (Or is it Right?) April 9, 2007

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 High school has been a very interesting experience. I have learned many things, ranging from the trivial and insignificant, to the serious and important. I’ve learned life lessons, painful realities, and cool handshakes. Even though I’ve been in high school for only a short three years, I feel that it has prepared me to become the person I want to be in the future, cynical, intelligent, sarcastic, and incredibly good looking.

First of all, let me say that I’ve learned some interesting things. I found that the computers in the back of the library have Firefox installed. I found that standing by the front doors and yelling causes a domino affect. I found that naming a sheep Killer is not accepted among the ancient Grecians, or even those who just think they live in ancient Greece. I found that Chemists respond negatively to family time, and that balancing equations is only as hard as it is to someone who can’t do it. I found that I shouldn’t probably give people as hard of a time as I do, but that it is pretty darn fun. I’ve learned important lessons. Don’t expect people to know you are joking, or appreciate a sense of humor. In law, the word “tort” does not refer to a delicious dessert. These lessons have stuck out in my years in high school as amusing eye openers. These pretty much have nothing to do with anything except a silver lining to the painfully long days, but nonetheless, I had to say them.

Back on track, I have learned a lot of meaningful, book/informational, information. I have learned a ton about history, writing, math, etc. I really do like to be a smart person, so though I may complain about all of the work, I really am grateful that I learned most of the stuff I have. I still don’ t see the merit to poetry, but I suppose one can’t expect to learn everything in high school. This is where the intelligence came in. Somehow, without realizing it at the time, I learned how to diagram sentences, balance chemical formulas, speak clumsy Spanish, and write good essays. I am glad i learned most of this stuff, though I am the first to say that there was a lot that I learned that I will never find useful or interesting in any way shape or form. But hey, it makes me feel smart to add it in to daily conversations.

I developed my cynicism through various experiences and situations, mostly through witnessing stupid people doing stupid things. This was an everyday occurrence, and at some point, you start to lose faith in the human race. You can only see so many cheerleaders and their quarterback boyfriends, emos and their bad attitudes, and skaters who badly need belts before you question the sanity of those around you. Luckily for myself, I also have some really amazing friends to keep me out of the insane asylum, at least for now. Friends are an essential commodity when going through high school, and I have the best. These are the friends that listen to your complaining, be cynical with you, and then correct your whining when it gets to be too much. These pals counteract the stupidities, and reassure me that there is some hope. In a sense I think they’ve furthered my cynicism, as most of them are cynical themselves, but I love it. We complain about the painful realities of society, and then we take faith that we will never become them. Without this venting, I would have long ago been deemed insane.

My sarcasm, I believe, comes from years of having to laugh at myself. I was quite clumsy at a time, I must admit. I said dumb things and tripped over my own feet. I became quite good about laughing about myself, which I think is a good quality to have. Only when you’ve laughed at yourself can you start to truly enjoy laughing at others. This is pretty much the way I live my life. Being sarcastic can sometimes get you into trouble, but when used right, is absolutely amazing. I have a feeling that even if I wanted to stop being sarcastic, which I don’t, but even if I wanted to, there is no way I’d be able to give it up. It is just too fun. Sarcasm also has it’s advantages. I have been known to say things and then change my mind later. This is never good, since I have things like, “If I ever like him, just smack me,” and, “I will never be a procrastinator.” Both of these situations have changed, and luckily for me, I can claim that I was being sarcastic at the time I said them, and no one is the wiser. Yet.

I’m not really sure when I became incredibly good looking, all I know is that I am. Just kidding. See, that was a demonstration of sarcasm. Wasn’t that fun? Yes. We love sarcasm.

I’ve learned things that are trivial and meaningless. Molly’s locker number, where the library is, and who to talk to if you can’t find a book. I’ve learned many things that I didn’t want to know. I learned who the druggies were and who fails all their classes, who doesn’t know any words that aren’t cussing and who talks about you behind your back. I also learned who to trust, who to look up to, and who to ask when I need help on my homework. I’ve had some interesting experiences, some involving large explosions, sunburns, and car type things. I learned how to waste time. The lovely world of the internet has opened up many things… I’ve also listened through my whole library of itunes, around 1500 songs, approximately 30 times in the last year, and I’ve drank countless Diet Cokes, to many to even guess at. Which is kind of painful.

All in all, I wouldn’t trade the last three years. I don’t like going to school, and I don’t really think I ever will, but it was the things outside of school that made my highschool years a good time. I got my black belt, learned to snowboard, made lasting friends, learned how to drive, learned how to not drive, fallen asleep way too late, and learned why I feel compelled to look at the clock at 11:11. Even though school wasn’t the highlight of these last three years, it has fueled my cynicism, my sarcasm, and my intelligence. Now I am a senior, and a year early no less, and I am pretty terrified to be leaving the high school that I have come to know and… know. But I’m excited at the same time. Time to go make a difference, I hope, and time to refine all of the skills I take pride in. And get rid of the pride I take in them.


Decleration of Independence From Injury January 22, 2007

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Alright this was the funnest paper ever to write so I had to post it. We had to write a declaration of independence from something, and it was so flipping good I just had to add it… ;) So here you go.

When in the course of daily life, it becomes necessary to dissolve the walls of imprisonment that injury dictates, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that one should declare the causes which impel them to declare independence from injuries due to the Martial Arts.

There were many deciding factors taken into deep periods of contemplation, as the right decision was essential to a karate-minded being’s sanity, health, and ultimately well being. Therefore a list was compiled. This list took into account the grievances of injuries, and whether or not it would be absolutely necessary to declare independence from such a deep and bizarre thing as… injury.

It could be said that one learns from ones mistakes when one injures him or herself. This may be true, but the time consumed by the said problem, far outweighs the lesson learned. It could also be said that the injury claimed may be a sort of blessing in disguise. One could now focus on other aspects (i.e., one injures their arm, one can now focus on kicks. One injures their leg, one can now focus on punches, etc.). This is all well and good, but not completely valid. Throughout the course of recovery, ones muscles grow weaker, as one is not working them. This causes a sort of lopsidedness, as one tends to use the healthy counterpart more than the injured limb (i.e., one cracks their left elbow, hypothetically, of course, reason would state that one would tend to use ones limb that is not broken).

A third grievance is the affect that injury has on self esteem. When one injures him or herself, one tends to feel quite moronic, as the way one gets these injuries is often rather stupid. Another aspect is rehab. Rehabilitation is painful, time consuming, and dull. One is asked to reach beyond the limits an injury sets, and always take a step more than is comfortably taken. The last grievance to be stated in this document is one that should not be taken lightly. If one’s injury is too serious, one may have to actually take a break from karate all together for a set period of time. This could be lethal to one’s Martial Arts career, as when one is absent for any length of time, one tends to forget all the material one’s mind once held. In a sense, when you return to your beloved hobby, you will essentially be starting over.
Several steps have been taken to try to solve this conundrum. I have tried to be careful, tread lightly, fall softly, and so on, but as karate is a violent sport, this was not the way to go, it never worked. I tried to wear my sparring gear around the dojo (“training hall”). This only proved to be unattractive, as the sparring gear is rather marshmallowy, and uncomfortable, as the gear limits movement, and gets hot after wearing it for any length of time. I even went so far as to try and stop, since I figured, “no karate, no karate injuries.” Unfortunately, I am addicted, and after only a day and a half, I started experiencing migraines, and other signs of cravings in result to addiction became visible. When the call of the sport became irresistible, I returned to my karate, as I just could not stay away.
I, therefore, a representative of myself and all of the other Martial Arts fanatics around the country and the world, declare that all should be free, now and forevermore, from such a rude and uncomplimentary thing as injuries due to the practiced sport. I renounce the hold that injury has on our lives, and consequently, declare us free.


Oh, Wow October 30, 2006

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Well, I would say that I’ve had a fairly productive weekend. I accomplished a lot, and did a lot of completely random things, each and every one deserving of it’s own specific rant, but I am too lazy to do that, of course, so I will try to keep it all in here, just short and to the point. To put it in a nice, organized list, I….

  1. Thursday, 9:00-10:45 am: Took Senior Pictures. I have to admit that it was kinda fun. And I now I have to choose which ones I want, and it is really hard, cuz I actually like a lot of them. Which surprised me. Pictures are always weird though. There is a weirdness factor to sifting through pictures of yourself, that makes you feel like the person in the picture isn’t actually really you, and it’s kinda freaky. And then I feel so weird giving them to people. It’s like, “Hey, here is a picture of me. I know you would love to have it, since it is of someone as cool as myself, and let’s face it, everyone wants a picture of me.” And while that is true, it feels somewhat awkward to hand out pictures of myself. But on the other hand, if they look good, you know that deep down you do want people to have them because you look so darn cool, and you want them to think so to. I don’t know.
  2. Thursday, 12:00 pm-*cough* 3:00 pm *cough*: Played Halo 2… Cody loaned it to me since I finally recently beat Halo 1, and I have been greatly enjoying battling Covenant Forces and all that Jazz. Beat a couple levels Thursday, feel like I’m getting better… there is something so stress relieving about going and annihilating elite’s and hunter’s and grunt’s. I don’t know why, but it is so thrilling to combat the Forces of Evil. Makes me feel important.
  3. Thursday, 6:00-10:00 pm: Went to youth group, and got over some stuff I’d been freaking over… ‘Nuff said.
  4. Thursday, 11:00 pm – The early morning of Friday: Played Halo 2. I don’t think I want to elaborate on that.
  5. Friday, 9:00-12:30ish: Chemeketa. Placement Test, and I hung around with Sharon and Kala, sat in on their history class which was fun… Strange but fun. And all I can say about the placement test is that I agree with Elliot who called it”A user Interface Nightmare”. And how right he was. I did pretty well, though, so that was good. He was so right about the redundancy and everything, though… if you haven’t read his rant on it, do. And the scary part is that it is right on.
  6. Friday, 5:00-6:30 pm: Taught Karate… Kids are so crazy on Friday’s. It makes me laugh.
  7. Friday, 7ish-9ish pm: Quenched my craving for Ice-cream. Went to DQ with Sharon and Cody randomly… I love spontaneity. Sometimes I like to have a plan, and something to count on, but I really do love to just go for something without analyzing it too much. Not that this was really a huge, momentous thing, I just mean in general. Sometimes the under-analyzing backfires, but I love the feeling of doing something spur of the moment and just having fun doing it.
  8. Friday, For a very long time: Guess. If you said Halo 2… You’d be correct. I am obsessed … Passionate about it lately.
  9. Saturday, Bright and Early- Not so Early, but still Bright: Karate… Taught 4 classes, in one, I had 15 kids, pretty small, but get this. Only 8 of them spoke English. Yeah. That was fun. I am sorry for my lack of Politically Correctness, but learn to speak English! You are in the US, and last time I checked, the national language was… English. At the rate we are going, it may not stay that way, but come on! At least make an attempt. If I were to move to, say, Mexico *ahem*, I would learn Spanish. I wouldn’t expect them to cater to me because I didn’t speak the language, I wouldn’t expect the DMV (or their equivalent) to have English on one side, I wouldn’t expect the ATM’s to offer English, and I wouldn’t expect Karate teachers to speak to my kids in English when I was in a country that’s language was not English. I would just learn the language. It would be one thing if you were just visiting, but… well, most aren’t. Argh. I’m going to have to turn this into a full-blown rant sometime, cuz I’m just going off on a totally separate direction then I planned right now… But I will go off on it when I have some time to write a novel. Or at least another post.
  10. Saturday, 8:00-11:00pm: Caught up with some friends after babysitting :-P (tongue out, if you couldn’t tell, and about the babysitting, not the friends…)
  11. Sunday, 12:00-2:00 am: Which was 3 hours, by the way, seeing how today is Fall Back and all… Well, I actually don’t think I want to admit to what I did then, though if you are seeing the evident theme that keeps showing up you will probably be able to guess…
  12. Sunday, 9:15 am-3:00 pm: Sunday School, Church, Battery Giveaway Thing, and Hang-out and Game Time. That was pretty fun. Actually really fun.
  13. Sunday, 6:00-7:00 pm: Carved a flippin’ sweet pumpkin (kinda a family tradition, which some people are horrified over, seeing as it infers to Halloween *Cringes, expecting head to be blown off with why we shouldn’t be doing that and how it is so bad and anti-Christian*) But seriously, my sisters always do the happy faces, with the cute triangle eyes, circle nose, and crooked smile with only two teeth, but I always do these epic (well, as epic as you can get with a pumpkin and a kitchen knife) scenes, with dueling forces. This one I have Yoda with a light saber battling what kinda resembles an Elite in Halo… *chuckles to self* Yeah, It’s classic.
  14. Sunday, 7:20- whenever I finish: This. Expand my writing skillz.

That is pretty much the weekend I had. Random thoughts, random actions, but overall, pretty darn fun. Lots to write about, so much that there is no time to write out all that there is to write about. And the stuff I did write about seems somewhat lacking without the stuff I didn’t write about, which makes the whole writing seem like it is missing something that the writing should have in it in order to make the writing even better. Now I think I should stop writing this writing or I will undoubtedly confuse myself beyond hope of recovery.


Tournament October 16, 2006

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Well, I had a karate tournament yesterday. I always have mixed feelings about those. On one hand, they are competitive, loud, crazy, and therefore fun. You get to cheer on all of you friends in the Arts, and watch the black belts beat up on each other. This is the recipe for a good time. On the other hand, you have everyone who doesn’t place mad at everyone who placed, everyone complaining that it was “unfair”, and making up lame excuses if they lose, and it is always somewhat disappointing if you lose, since you’ve worked on this specific material for many moons.

Now, this was the 3rd tournament I’ve been in, and I went into it knowing that even if I did my absolute worst, there was no choice but to be better than the previous two. I am not over exaggerating, I’m not being humble. I’m serious. I was really not that good at this time last year. I mean, yeah. I’ve always known my material. I’ve always enjoyed it immensely. I have never completely choked in front of the crowd, or tripped and fell on my face. I never have kicked the judge on accident (though I’ve watched all of these happen), and I’ve never even forgotten my name when it was time to introduce my form. I just… wasn’t that good.

My first tournament, I was basically clueless. I was a blue belt, 14 years old, and a little bit of a wimp.I had some fun, I got 3rd in sparring (there were only 4 people sparring that year, and one had never even sparred before. She was the one I beat.). I didn’t place in Forms or Combinations, but I kinda got a feel for what each tournament would be like after that. My second tourney (last year), I was a new brown belt. And I mean new. I’d tested less than a month earlier, so I was kinda scared. But I was a little more experienced, a little more skillful, and that reflected in the turn out of the competition. I got third again in sparring (unfortunately, there were only three sparrers in my category… heh), but I got 4th in combinations! That was pretty good, since there were probably about 25 people in that event. Again, not great, but fun, and it gave me even a tad more experience and a look at what judges tend to look for in the tourney.

This year, though, I knew could only go up. I have spent so much time in karate, between teaching and taking since I started instructing, that I feel like this year has really heightened my skillz. Plus, I actually had people come to see me (well, sharon and kala came the other years, too, thank them very much. And they didn’t make fun of me, which must have been incredibly hard.), so I really really really didn’t want to blow it. And… I didn’t. I got lucky.

I ended up placing in all three events, one of which was a 1st place in sparring, the other two were 3rd’s for Forms and Combos. And no, there was not only one person in my sparring event, there were six. Still small, but pretty stiff competition. And the other events had 20+ people. I was actually quite surprised. But happy. I loved that some of my friends came (Thanks go out to Sharon, Kala, Christen, Abby, and Dave ;)  I love that they were crazy enough to come), and just like usual, I got caught up in all of the excitement, and the adrenaline kicked in, and I got what my friend Jordan dubbed, the “most illogical, reality defying, randomest and strangest adrenaline rush known to mankind.” And I can’t think of a better way to put it. It was pretty sweet.

After all my events comes the one of the best parts. Watching the Black Belts. Some of them are so incredible. It can be depressing. Just kidding, they are amazing to watch. Their kicks and jumps are crazy high, and the sparring is super intense. It is pretty scary.  It is awesome to watch these people, some of whom teach you, show their skill, and let me tell you, they have skills. I dare say mad skills. The other best part for me was watching all of the kids that I teach. They are so adorable out there doing their stuff. Most of it I can’t recognise as actual material, but it is cute, nonetheless. And then, when I am doing my stuff, and they are in the stands, yelling “Go Brianna!”, or “Go Teacher!”, it is priceless. I’m talking Kodak moment here. It is awesome.

So that is it, basically. Tournament 2006. It was crazy fun, super intense, and really tiring. Today I am very sore, even more bruised, and a lot out of it, but it was worth it. Stressful, but cool. It always gives me some amusing stories, some of which I may relate on here later, some of which I will probably tell very few people. So that is the story for now. If you didn’t come, you missed out, if I do say so myself.

That all being said, thank goodness it is over. Thank goodness we have only one a year.