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Graduation June 9, 2007

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There were three things I was thinking of during graduation.

  1. A Gateway MX8734 17″ widescreen notebook.
  2. How I wished my name was something like the kid in the front row’s name. “Nathan John Henry Keller-Smith the 4th.” Seriously. Say that aloud and drink in the impressiveness. Instead I had to be “Brianna Taylor.” Just not note worthy next to Mr. Keller-Smith there.
  3. The kid next to me and his obsession with beach balls.

Good times. but by golly, I am now a graduate… W00t.

The Graduate

And don’t I look smart…


Not So Sentimental Reality Check. June 7, 2007

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Alright. I have to say, after staying in chem until 4:30, I am feeling less sentimental, more euphoric.


ahahaha… /me continues to laugh manically…


Sentimental Daydreaming

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Here I am. On the computers in the back of the library, using Firefox. This year has come full circle. Another strange person is sitting next to me muttering incoherently, and I have to admit I’m getting a tad sentimental. I’ve found myself in this place many a time over this school year, and quite frankly, it’s a smidge depressing that life has changed that little.

But then I think. While it seems like just yesterday I emailed about how weird my first day of the year was, it was really 9 months ago. /me drops jaw. That freaks me out. A lot has happened since then. I see three major changes in my life.

  • I’ve become kind of a geek. Alright, more of a geek anyway. For sure. I <3 my computer (tho it could use some major upgrades…. lots and lots of upgrades…). I do more on the computer than I thought I would ever, what with starting blogging, talking to friends, typing more papers than I thought was possible… crazy.
  • Gotten to know people better =) Makes me happy.
  • Some of my views and ideas about things and people have shifted… drastically… I will leave that one broad as a lot falls under this category.

So there you have it. My three main changes. There may be more? I dunno, you tell me. I do feel like I’ve done a lot in the last year tho. I mean

  • Black belt
  • Graduating early
  • Wednesday rituals (phutwa!!)
  • Good friends
  • snowboarding
  • Some awesome search engine terms
  • A relatively successful and thoroughly stress relieving blog to rant on
  • umm. some more stuff…
  • some good parties and stuff…
  • awesome debates and perfect randomness
  • movie nights
  • overnighters of funness
  • funner things
  • and I don’t even know. A lot. A lot.

It’s so crazy, ya know? Sigh. Just weird. Last day. The bell just rang… say goodbye to the library computer, say goodbye to the psycho next to me, and wow. I’m done with high school.


What I Learned Today May 24, 2007

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  • “They don’t care what you’ve done, where you’ve been, they just don’t care.” i think that was supposed to be encouraging.
  • “You can get a better education at WOU than almost any state institution” mental institution? Prison? could you please be more specific?
  • “living on campus is free.” *loud cheering ensues* “er, I mean, parking on campus is free.” *more cheering* <random person who looks mad runs up and talks with the speaker> “oh it isn’t free…” *later* “living on campus is free! I mean parking! I mean eating! I mean it isn’t? *sigh*… and now i get fired.”
  • “and parents? send your kids care packages. I never got any care packages… *long pause*… my parents didn’t send me… anything… *cough* so yea. parents. do that. and you know, if you want to send me one too…” all said in a very sad voice…
  • “they chose decent housing partners…ya know… you may not want to invite them to your wedding, but they wont go and steal your eggs.” um… okay.

My Bitterness, Graduation, and All That Fun Stuff.

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I figured out what Graduation is. Pretty sure.

Graduation. Joy. Caps and gowns of an awfully atrocious color. I am pretty sure whoever chose these had a sick sense of humor.

Really annoying and pointless meetings. Lots of them. I’m serious. There are at least ten different things I could go to, and another dozen things I am required to go to before graduating.

Amazingly busy yet amazingly bored. I feel like there are a zillion things I should be doing at all times, but at the same time, I am sooo bored! Like, I just want to go out and do something crazy, but I have nothing to do! Ack.

Days are numbered until you leave- (16 counting weekends!!)- yet it still seems so far.

Unfortunate casualties. There are a handful of people who aren’t even going to graduate this year because  they were slackers and decided not to do any of the lame  requirements. So dumb. I mean, it isn’t like they haven’t had all year, and this is basically just throwing the last 4 years of highschool down the drain. come on people. don’t be dumb.

A fine line. The principle went off on a hugely long lecture about how pranks would not be tolerated, and that if the kids paint that one hill that they always paint every year, they wouldn’t hesitate to arrest them. Careful, kids. don’t blow it all away by being stupid so close to graduation. So glad I am smart and wouldn’t do something like that.

Teehee. You over hear some weirddd conversations in the hallways this time of year… *cough*

I just don’t understand most of the hype, I have to admit. I feel like I’m going to die or something. Everyone getting teared up and stuff. My life isn’t over, i am just leaving high school, thanks goodness, and if that was ‘life,’ wow. That’s reallllly sad.

 “Oh, why me?”

Nothing I am looking forward to more than getting out of here. Well there are a couple other things I am looking forward to happening, but this is pretty much up there on that list. I daresay tied for first. possibly second. Anyway. it is up there.

Graduation, at it’s finest. Oh, I’m sure it will get better, be fine, and I’ll be glad for everything, but right now it is just seeming kind of lame.