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Spoiler Alert! September 23, 2008

A Movie Review of Summer 2008: The Life of Some Kids in Salem

Genre: Feel-Good Comedy/Drama/Action Adventure

Cast: The director of this movie, God (Life as we know it, Earth: And Other Surrounding Planets, Godzilla XI), took an interesting approach when creating this movie, which is loosely based on a true story, and hired each person involved to play themselves.

Location: Salem, OR.

Plot: This story follows the lives of some teenagers and young adults in the summer of 2008. Without focusing on any one person, there isn’t one ‘protagonist’ per se, but many. This movie has multiple story lines and characters, illustrating not only the difficulty in these kids’ lives, but also highlighting the connection and comrade-like relationships one builds in this stage of growing up. We can see these characters grow during this summer as the kids go on many ‘adventures’ or ‘outings,’ together and apart, dealing with things such as…

  • going to kung-fu panda.. =)
  • one going to sun river
  • batman midnight premire, as the realization hits that 3 in the morning does not work well with being insecure.
  • a car wash and an over-nighter at the church
  • several taking summer classes
  • going downtown because salem is not youth-friendly, and there are limited things to do on a normal day
  • learning how to structure life around family, friends, school, work, and life’s many surprises.
  • lots and lots of movies
  • going swimming at north fork with great friends
  • silvercreek
  • many working, drama ensues both within the work setting, and outside but in regards to the work setting… some learn that sometimes it is best to distance yourself from situations you know wont turn out well.
  • excellent escape to portland for the day (x2)
  • one goes to mexico, and realizes how much she cares for the people back home.
  • beach trips add some comic relief and care-free summer days
  • frequenting the park, and realizing that obsessing over some things is completely ridiculous
  • a girl’s decision to move away for college
  • a great campout where relationships strengthen and legends are borne

Overview: Basically just a genaric summer fun movie, like a thousand before. A pleasing blend of comedy, action, drama, romance, tragedy, and adventure, which leaves the audience’s hunger for a good story satesfied. Sunny summer days, starry summer nights, and some lazy summer afternoons give you a basically well-rounded picture of a typical group of teenage & twenty-something friends, taking on the world one day at a time.

The First President Post

  • We give this movie a B-. Picture every other teenage movie about summertime, and you’ve got a good picture of this one. With perhaps a bit more zeal and passion than the norm, this movie tells the story of the same group of good friends in the same deciding time of life as we’ve seen a thousand times before. The only thing that makes this movie stand apart is this group’s tight bonds and compassion. See it, but we advise waiting until it comes out on video.

Persons Magazine

  • Go, Go, Go! A delightful cast and marvelous story of such a crucial period of one’s life. This movie has a unique heart about it that one can’t find as much as they would like! Lovely cast and precious peek into the lives of these kids. We at Persons Magazine give this one two thumbs up!

The Rainy Times

  • 5 buckets of popcorn to Summer 2008: The Life of Some Kids in Salem. The only criticism of this one we can find is that the cast was too involved.. the drama was so real because it was real.. the love and the anger and the comedy and the confusion and the doubt was so real because it was real. The only thing we can fault this movie with is hitting too close to home and leaving no lines uncrossed. Maybe too painfully realistic at some times, and too comically frank at others, but there is no doubt that this movie will go down in the record books, if only for those who were involved.

If Every Day Were to be Celebrated… December 4, 2007

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The holiday season always brings fond memories… the cheer, the joy, the family togetherness. It reminds me of holidays past, and as I help trim the tree, make sugar cookies, wrap presents in the glow of the Christmas lights, and cry during It’s A Wonderful Life, I notice something else. The effort, time, and resources put into celebrating this time of year are extravagant, and the season is celebrated more than any other, and it makes me think of the lesser holidays that may not be celebrated as intensely.

Now, we generally take any excuse to party, get gifts, receive gifts, do unusual things, or just plain have fun. There are some holidays, however, that make so little sense that even we cannot find a justifiable way to celebrate them. Or we do, but shouldn’t.

  • Beginning, of course, with February 2nd, Groundhog’s Day. Oh my, what to say about Groundhog’s Day. First off, great movie. Secondly, we are having a groundhog predict our weather. the general public may not be completely crazy about the day, but don’t worry. There is a club. The Groundhog Club, to be exact. These are the people who listen to Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction in “groundhogese” and translate it to the rest of the world. And that is it. There is no all night party or anything, most people turn on the news out of curiosity, see what he says, then go about their normal business. But this is a national holiday people! Live it up! I imagine we should all wear brown, have some sort of ‘coming out of the burrow- ack i see my shadow-6 more weeks of winter dance,’ and eat lots of flapjacks.
  • The next day is Billy Joel Day. A good example of a holiday that most people don’t even know exist. and for a reason.
  • February 13th is Geek Day. Coincidence that it is the day before Valentine’s Day? I don’t think so. Celebrating geeks so they will have fond memories to look back on if their valentine’s day is less than desirable? Could be. This is another day I feel we should all take to extremes. Either with acting like a geek, coming out of the closet with our own true geekyness, or even just expressing our love for the significant geeks in our lives with various cards or gifts.
  • April 1st is a day we know, and some of us love. It is actually pretty funny though, because in it’s original form, the “Fool” in April Fool’s Day didn’t mean fool as in trick or joke, but Fool as in a person without common sense. In the 1500’s, new year’s changed from April First to January First. The people who still celebrated the new year on the first of April were laughed at and mocked for their ignorance. Eventually the day turned into a day where you trick people, or make a ‘fool’ of them. So just realize, celebrating April 1st originally meant you were not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  • Here in Oregon we have a whole week set aside for Arbor Day, which is pretty nifty… not sure how that one works, but the first full week of April is Arbor Day, just fyi. It is also the day to celebrate trees. And boy do they deserve being celebrated. Anywho, it’s devoted to spreading awareness of trees’ importance, which i suppose is a valuable lesson, since without them, we would basically be in trouble. But couldn’t we think of something a little more enticing than “come plant trees?” The solution clearly being an official Arbor Day song, going something like:
      • oh the day of arbor, i must go to the barber, planting many trees, oh i cannot see, cut away the ignorance, i’ll pay you with a sixpence…

    it’s a work in progress but something to that affect. Ask me to hum it next time i see you, you can get a better picture.

  • Lastly, for this post anyway, is May Day. May 1st. Flowers and Maypoles and little children dancing around with ribbons and stuff. Lovely. This one has been a holiday for a crazy long time, the only funny part being when you relate it to “Mayday,” the signal for a ship or plane in distress, or “Mayday,” the annual electronic music festival in Poland. neither of which have anything to do with flowers. or tradition. I think we should probably combine them all to prevent confusion. It would look something like crashing model planes wrapped in flowers and ribbon while blasting electronic music.

ok that is all from me. and that was only the first half of the year.


Fall-ey Things. October 22, 2007

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It was sooo gorgeous out today. And it is supposed to be like that tomorrow too, and i have no classes. What does this mean? Time to engage in Fall-ey type activities.

Now, you may ask, what makes an activity Fall-ey? Well it is actually quite a prestigious tag given to only the most fun, most rewarding, and most memorable fall-related things. Some people get confused when they hear the word Fall, and believe that it is associated with school, the end of the wonderful summer freedom, and the disappearance of lazy days. This assumption, however, is not accurate. These things should not be harnessed with Fall. They are strictly Autumnish.

Autumnish things are the activities, routines, and the schedules we are compelled to keep when this season returns around September.

Autumnish Things 

  • School
  • Waking up early
  • Going to bed on time (ish)
  • Homework
  • Remembering what day it is
  • Getting stuck behind people going 25/30 mph on south river road
  • Being depressed Sunday night, etc.

These are the type of thing that comes with the formality of Autumn, but can’t be understood as Fall-ey. Most Fall-ey things are spur of the moment, on a whim things. Not like the structured events of Autumn. Things that just make you happy, no matter how trivial or dumb they sound, are true Fall-ey things.

Fall-ey Things 

  • Jumping in the leaves
  • Skipping through colored trees
  • Taking random drives and not getting lost or if you do it is ok
  • Seeing stars and appreciating them all the more because you know their time is limited.
  • Taking a deep breath and the air is cold and clean and smells so good.
  • Drinking apple cider (or just apple juice) outside and thinking only of how beautiful everything is
  • Putting a long-sleeved shirt/sweater/jacket on in the morning because it is sunny but sorta cold.
  • Drinking or eating pumpkin flavored things. Or carving pumpkins. Or basically anything that pumpkins are involved with.
  • Talking with someone, and turning to face the sun to get your faces warm, a little cold, but not wanting to go inside because it feels so good and is so awesome and you know winter is coming and you wont have this chance.

Those are true Fall-ey things. And for something to be Fall-ey, it has to be on one of these perfect days. Sunny and chilly, beautiful and clear. Where the leaves are changing and falling. You can’t just make an activity Fall-ey.

Things that might be done to attempt to achieve a Fall-ey activity but don’t actually count

  • Pulling green leaves off a tree in order to jump in them and make a leaf angel in Springtime.
  • Visiting the pumpkin patch in April.
  • Skipping through an apple orchard in the rain.
  • Dancing and singing the monster mash in July.

All of these things in the right circumstances might be Fall-ey, but just don’t work that way if you try to force it at the wrong time. You don’t get many Fall-ey days. At least here. So deal with them wisely.


…and the rest of the randomness September 14, 2007

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so it is like 6. i just got back from my place of employment. i walk in and have this conversation with the guy working:

him- You’re early

me- A little…

him- Well you probably shouldn’t clock in till your shift gets closer

me- I work in like 10 minutes, i think it’s okay.

him- You don’t work until 7 i thought.

me- No, 6.

him- You sure? Check the schedule.

me- I’m sure but i’ll check. *checks* 7. *takes apron and visor off* see you in an hour.



Wanted: Music. Preferably the good kind. September 5, 2007

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today seemed like a Beautiful Day to start The Quest for music. Somebody Told Me that a Friend of a Friend suggested some bands, and i thought there were few Better Days to try them out.

Now, i’m a little picky with music… not much but Enough. it’s Typical if i start a song, that i Change My Mind when It’s Not Over and switch it.. My Reason? somehow, All At Once, i hear the song and it Makes Me Wonder if i Still want to Listen to it. i just sometimes get Bored with them.

so Here I Am, seems like it’s been Forever. All I Want is to find music. Nothing Else Matters much at the moment, it’s Sad But True. some of these bands are quite The Joke, though, and i’m trying to Give A Little Bit of slack, but everything is either too Emo, or the bands Remind Me of some other Basket Case band. Everything is lame. I’m Sorry, but listening to some of this, Frankly causes massive amounts of Pain.

the Remedy involves Searching for a Plan B. it also possibly involves Cake. my resolve has Broken. i figure the population can be Divided Right in Two groups. The first being people who can’t get Over things, and the other, people who know it is okay to Change Your Mind. i figure i’ll have to Redefine What I’ve Done, and Be Somebody who, when Under Pressure, is able to think rationally and Move On. so I’m Still Here, but i’m Over You, old bands, so Deal With It.

However, the Toxic melodies of some of these bands Wont Go Away. What If i am never able to get them out of my head? the Beats seem to say, “The More you resist… the worse it’ll be… you’ll be proud of yourself… Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Be Proud? com’mon… Are You Ready to like this? What About Now?” but Not A Chance. i’m sticking with the good stuff. and can hopefully find Something new. it’s all quite the Disarray. 56. No, 57. well now 58. Why Do I Keep Counting? (59).

well guys, i wanted to Never Let You Down, so i thought i’d try this Crazy idea and see What Happened. (62)

so Let Me Know if you have any music suggestions. Thanks. (64). sigh.


Skimboarding August 21, 2007

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Caught a few on video… not my best rides but all i got lol… couple graceful wipe outs… so fun. horrible video quality but whatever.

And I bought a skimboard, so i’m thinking there are going to be at least a few beach runs in the near future.


Email Survey FAQ August 13, 2007

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Many people have wondered how to take these forwarded email surveys that somehow seem to surface at random times throughout life. As far as I can see, there are 4 ways to deal with these surveys.

1) Sarcasm. The overly sarcastic approach is a very popular one. You tease and kid and exaggerate. You roll your eyes and say completely random things. This way, ‘serious,’ and ‘kidding’ collide and blur. And, I mean, what’s the fun of making fun of someone who spent half the survey poking fun at themselves and /or others? Okay, it’s still fun, but trickier.

2) The Disclaimer. Also a frequently used device. This is where you make up some sort of excuse, however lame, in hope that if anything is ever brought out, you can recite a well planned reason for your momentary insanity. I have to say, I don’t really think this one works all that well, unless the person is extremely gullible. Excuses carry little weight. I mean who could take some of them seriously. Examples of lame disclaimers:

a. I just went to *insert physical activity here* and I’m really tired, so I may not make sense

b. I’ve been up for *insert insanely long amount of time* and I may seem kind of random

Even if this happened to be true, people see it and don’t really care all that much. There are, however, a few excuses that I think would work.

a. I had to do that really fast so it’s possible I lied so I could have a shorter answer.

b. And I’m really wishing I could have seen your face when you read some of those answers I completely made up.

I’d buy those.

3) What They Want. I can’t say I have ever seen someone use this approach, but I figure it would work if you don’t care what they think and would answer the survey seriously anyway. You know they just read these for the blackmail material, and whether or not you have a crush on someone. So just tell them. Example:

i. What is your name? molly. I tripped over this chair today and totally looked really stupid… everyone was like staring and laughing… I am a huge klutz.

ii. What’s your favorite season? Summer. I have a crush on this one guy. He’s on the polo team.

I figure, you answer 2, maybe 3 questions like this, they have all they need and you don’t have to do the rest of the survey. Makes everyone’s life a little easier.

4) To The Point. Just write a really to the point survey and answer it instead. Like the previous idea, this hasn’t seemed to happen as of yet. It would look something like:

     i. Describe, in detail, all major and minor embarrassing moments in the last 3 weeks.

     ii. Name, picture, and social security number of your last 3 crushes.


     iii. List any habits you have, your potentially embarrassing qualities, your pet peeves, and anything one might use to quickly tick you off.

Answer these questions however you choose. No one will know whether or not to take it seriously or not because it’s so random. You could tell the truth, and people probably wouldn’t believe it.

So as far as I can see, these are the 4 ways to take these surveys and have some dignity left after. Or maybe not dignity. But at least the upper hand. And it’s just really fun.


And For That Split Second… July 18, 2007

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A second is a rather short length of time. A lot can happen in it, to be sure, but it is, after all, only a second. Therefore a split second, is truly an incomprehensibly short moment in time. So short, in fact, that a person really can’t think of more than one thing in a single split second.

I mean, in a full, “One, one thousand,” a person could practically rid the world of flying squirrels or talk sense into the people who use winking smiley faces too much. Both, I imagine, being very difficult tasks. In just a little “O-,” however, one could only perhaps contemplate the furriness of a flying squirrels’ ears, or become exasperated at the one who used their signature smiley for the 12th time in 4 minutes. Yes I am aware I use strange examples when I am tired.

You have to love some of these split seconds. It’s like when you are stopped at a light or in traffic directly next to someone. Windows down and music loud, you casually glance toward the car beside you. They are looking at you, you at them… you both quickly turn your gaze… just a mere moment in your day, and yet it is so amusingly awkward. Or that split second after you wave at someone who you thought was waving at you but it turns out they were waving at someone behind you. It’s amazing that such a short moment in history could hold such intense feeling. Awkwardness and embarrassment are both quite laughable after the fact, and yet at the time there seems no way to write off the sensation as anything but ‘awkward,’ or ’embarrassing.’

The scary ones are always interesting. That split second where you looked up at the roof and there seemed to be an alien there like in Signs, standing and watching you. Or when you look out your window and can just picture a person staring in at you. Your stomach drops and pulse races, and practically as soon as this happens you’ve started talking yourself down and realized it’s all in your head. Very fleeting, and yet so intense. It’s craziness.

Another weird one is the split second you jump off of something. Whatever it is. A rock into water, a bed, a cliff, whatever. That tiny second that you go, “What the heck am I doing.” Or the moments you go, “Oh. Okay. Well then.” Like when you realize something crazy big but it hasn’t sunk in yet. Those are good ones. Or there are the complicated times you look at someone or something and really really really want to say something but don’t quite know how it would go over so you decide against it and wonder… sigh. I don’t know. These shortest lengths of time kind of interest me.

I think I’ve babbled on long enough. There is no point really to this post. Unless you can find a good one, in which case I was going for that all along.


Attack of the Clones July 14, 2007

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Hair places scare me. Seriously. They are all exactly the same. I mean, you have different people, there are slight variations, but the type of person, the attitudes, and the general experience, is always strangely similar.

For one, the clients are identical every time. There are 3 that are always there.

  • The Luke Skywalker: This is the one who is just whiny. The hair person will ask them what they want, and they will say that they hate their current style, but don’t know what else they could do. The hair person will start to rattle off different ideas, each promptly being shot down by the unhappy grump sitting in the spinny chair with a depressed look on their face.
  • The Mrs. Beauregarde : This is the lady who chats it up with the hair cutters, but her pitch is slightly higher than seems necessary, kind of like fingernails on a chalkboard… where it kind of just hurts your teeth to hear? And she will laugh at everything in that same high pitch, loudly and a little too long…
  • The Shawn Spencer: The person who spills their guts to everyone. Such as the complete stranger cutting their hair. The conversation usually revolves around the boyfriend/husband problems they are having, the fact that their sister eloped with their mom’s second ex-husband’s gorgeous actor son, who was disowned from the family for pursuing his acting career. Oh, and they are always redecorating their bathroom, but can’t figure out whether tan colored towels will disappear into the khaki colored walls.

These three cannot be avoided. It’s possible you may only see one or two at a time, but stay there long enough, and all three will come, mark my words. Every time I go, all three are there. Every. Stinking. Time.

Then you have the hairdressers. They may not be the same, but they all react to me the same. I’ll save you the gory details, but here are the highlights. The exclamations and experiences I am forced to live through every time I enter a place like this.

  • “You have so much hair!” This is said loud and often, with envy and sometimes dismay.
  • Them- “I know people who would kill for hair like yours!” Me-“They can have it” Them- *Look of horror*
  • They all also feel the need to reminisce back to the last client they had with as much hair as I have. “Her name was Susan. She had more hair than even you. Boy did I love to run my fingers through that hair…” Huh.
  • “Okay, I could see why you would find your hair somewhat of a… challenge…”

It cannot be escaped. Submit to the clones and decide to find it amusing rather than depressing. The outcome, however, was pretty darn good I think. Hank did a good job. But Hank is another story for another time.