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20 for 2008- Revisited June 26, 2008

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So at the beginning of the year, i made a list of 20 things that I wanted to do before the year was out. we are about halfway through the year, so as suggested i am going to take a little look-sy at the list and adjust where necessary. So here was the 20, and i’ll flag it if it’s happened.

  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Go camping
  3. Have a Harry Potter Marathon
  4. Host a random themed party
  5. Find a pair of jeans that really fits well and that i like- well i didn’t really find jeans but i like the pants i have. for the most part. as much as a cynical girl can.
  6. Find a band that no one has heard of that i really like
  7. Make many decisions quickly and surely
  8. Have a bonfire on the beach during summer
  9. Explore a place i haven’t been
  10. Get pleasantly surprised– birthday party was huge, but other instances have been pleasantly surprising as well.
  11. Drive and drive without planning where to go- i sometimes do this when i am bored or upset.
  12. Go to seattle
  13. Get to where i can do scissor kicks head level
  14. Finish seasons 2 and 3 of Lost- i love that show. so much. and i even finished the 4th season! i am a lost junkie.
  15. Find occasions to dress up nice- i guess rather than find occasions to dress up, i’ve sorta took on the philosophy that one does not need an occasion to dress up, at least a little…
  16. Read my Bible more
  17. Journal at least every few days
  18. Start doing kicks and punches again
  19. Find more ways to control my dreams- i’ve begun to realize that what i do before bed affects my dreams… if i eat i have weird dreams. if i talk to someone right before, or think about something a lot, i usually end up dreaming about them/it. if i am too hyped up i usually have very bright-toned dreams. so… i could sorta control it if i wanted a weird bright dream with people and ideas that i am obsessing over in it.
  20. Learn to cook more things- i made up some pretty intense cookies this year…

i guess it’s probably pretty sad that i’ve only done 7 of the 20, but i have done other stuff as well. Here are 10 things i have done that weren’t on the list but should have been:

  1. see kung fu panda 4 times
  2. explore portland
  3. night board
  4. get better at using both sides of my board to carve
  5. spent countless hours on the computer when it was probably the least efficiant use of my time.
  6. survive spring term of college
  7. went to the beach- no bonfire as intended in my last post, but was very fun. maybe a bonfire next time.
  8. go to numerous midnight premiers for movies
  9. get a good job for the summer.
  10. find lots of music that even though other people have heard it, it is very good stuff. though it comes and goes with how much music i listen to.

So i’ve done some stuff. and i am going to apply myself to make some of the other things happen. at least 2 of the top ideas on my list that have not been completed:

  1. picnic. This has got to happen. i don’t know how or when but i would very much like to go on one. i think it would be fun. though it is probably one of my like daydreamy type delusions that wouldn’t turn out as i would have expected because that is what happens when you have expectations i am finding.
  2. kicks and punches. i can’t even tell you how much i need to start that again. wow. yea.

And lastly, three things that weren’t on my list but i want to do:

  1. make it to hasty-freeze in albany.
  2. put office supplies in jello
  3. do other… various… random and exciting things…