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my addictive personality April 14, 2008

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i only called it that for lack of better terminology, as i don’t think my… enthusiastic tendencies are all necessarily negative.

I have, however, been noticing lately my impulse to wholeheartedly embrace things. It seems to be somewhat of a trend in my life to become slightly overzealous about the things I like. I was thinking about this, and many, many examples, trivial and otherwise, came to my mind. As I said, I don’t think these all are negative, exactly. Some don’t really matter that much…

  • Breakfast trends- For some reason I go through trends in my breakfasts. aka toast and applesauce. I ate this for breakfast every single day in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. Three years, that is pretty much all i had. Then i went through the banana phase. no time to eat so i’d grab one and run. now i am on to the ‘dang i’m late’ phase, and rarely eat breakfast at all.
  • Activities- You all probably know I had a pretty intensely into karate for a long while… like, 6 days a week for many hours a day… this I actually count as a very positive addiction. Little bad came out of this. I was working out constantly, made good friends, learned a lot… def good.
  • When I was in elementary school and I decided I was born to be a writer/reporter/detective. I took on that idea so fully that the rest of my life would focus on that. Suddenly i was a spy in all my games, infiltrating other countries’ governments, solving age old puzzles and mysteries, and then writing books about it, for the world to enjoy. All my papers at school would be about that, i wanted to dress like a detective would, etc. That may be a little kid extreme example, but I know i still do that to an extent at times.
  • Lost. hehe. I love it so much.

So… these didn’t really affect my life that much. You might have had slightly more insight about my life at the time… it may have been easier to keep tabs on me when I was always at karate. but that’s about it.

These trivial things I have noticed are just phases with me, though. I tend to get really burnt out on them after awhile and that is the downside… I could, for example, never have toast and applesauce again, and life would be perfectly peachy. Lost I have not gotten burnt out on yet. And I don’t know if that will happen.

There have been a few of these… preferences.. that have impacted my life more than my childhood dream of becoming a spy. These might not be quite as positive.

  • Diet Coke- heh. You know about that little incident… definitely not good for me. I was pretty addicted. I had a lot. I go back and forth between wanting to know how much and being glad I don’t.
  • Computer- I am trying to spend less time on it. I know there are better things for me to do…. yea.
  • Saving the best for last- I have always done this. I don’t know why. Like, with everything. I try to finish everything i need to get done before doing fun things so I don’t dwell on it as much… (though that decreases with things I know I can get done at last minute), and food, and like clothes… i’ll want to wear something but save it until I’ve worn like everything else so that it’s better. It doesn’t really make sense. But I do.

So basically… there are good addictions and bad addictions. I have some of both. And I am going to try to curb some of the negative ones…