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Musings of a Wandering Mind February 17, 2008

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I sit here with two tests tomorrow, and yet the ability to study escapes me. An exam in history and philosophy, but all I can seem to do is sit here, mind a thousand miles away… Sigh. I’ve done some. To give a short synopsis my history teacher gave us a study guide with 20 possible short answer identifications, from which she will pick 3-6 we have to answer, and a list of 10 possible essay questions, from which she will pick 2 we have to answer on the test. I have gone over 14 of the 20 short answer terms, jotted down key terms, names, dates, and such. The problem being my mind is so far gone I don’t know if I will remember any of this in an hour, let alone a day. And the fact that I have several more, plus each essay question, of which I looked over and know how to answer exactly one.

I turned off the music I was listening to long ago, I couldn’t help listening, and the lyrics brought about a whole other train of thoughts for my attention to divide itself with. Calling You and Hate Me by Blue October are amazing, fyi. though distracting. Now I have the lyrics running through my head. My less than interesting history doesn’t stand a chance with those kind of odds.

The sun doesn’t help either… wishing I was outside this whole time.

I figure I have three options at this point.

  1.  Stop writing and get back to work studying.  The one I will do in a few minutes, after I get done fantasizing about the other options.
  2. Go outside, run around, perhaps take a bike ride or go to crossler and amuse myself by climbing the goalpost. Get home, go back to work, stay up too late studying, not do as well as I’d hoped on my tests but still do ok, catch up on sleep over the next couple days.
  3. Go outside, etc. Come back, not study, have a nice evening. skip classes tomorrow, fail my tests, fail my classes, lose my scholarships.

2 doesn’t sound too bad, though reasonably, the sun is going down now, i shouldn’t do that anyway.  3 is stupid, and I try not to do stupid things. So 1 it is, which is ironic because I should have just kept working rather than write this. I wish I could just focus but I think too much, and my mind wanders too easily. And lets just face it, the subjects on my thoughts are far more interesting to me right now than Manifest Destiny, or Jacksonian Democracy.

But anyway. Wish me luck. It’s back to work I go.