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green trucks November 28, 2007

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Life was just going too great, wasn’t it. Just too much fun, not enough suckyness. Awesome. Couldn’t I have just tripped and embarrassed myself or spilled coffee down my shirt or something? No. Doesn’t work like that. Had to go off the road. Had to watch someone drive off after running me off the road not even caring if I’d gotten hurt (which i didn’t).

I hope the jerk/jerks in the green flatbed truck can live with themselves. Actually, I am hoping they can’t, but that sounds pretty bad. So I’ll say I hope they can. Ok here it is:

I am driving innocently to Western yesterday on south river road. minding my own business and listening to my ipod on shuffle. Which has nothing to do with the story but is a nice little detail. Driving in my beautiful amazing saturn that I love. sigh.

I come around a corner to see a green truck. Facing me. In my lane. and it was completely in my lane, not even partially. I swerve to avoid a head-on collision, my car fishtails and heads toward the opposite side of the road. The driver side hit the embankment and the back of the car bounced up, landing perpendicular to the road. and the jerk in the green truck didn’t even stop to see if i was alright. awesome. how would someone be able to do that?

gah. it frustrates me. but God was definitely keeping me safe. I missed a telephone pole by no more than probably 10 feet. and was within sight of the cement s-curves out there… not to mention the river on the other side of the road. my car ended up in one of the only spots where the side wouldn’t hit anything except the embankment… no trees or rocks or anything. I walked out completely unscathed, besides a minor headache that has turned into a sore neck. the nice policeman took pictures for me tho. here is my car

Car Fiasco

It was really scary… and it just mostly hit me last night. i had kind of a long night… couldn’t sleep that well and kept dreaming about it. blah. but i am ok… my car is not doing so hot though. dunno if it is totaled yet. they had to cut my exhaust pipe off and threw a couple of other parts that had somehow come loose sometime in the crash in my trunk. Dunno if they were minor or not. I visited it today and this is how it looked:

back image122.jpgIt wouldn’t start though so something isn’t going well. I don’t know. just pray it will go ok i guess. that everything will work out?

and that was my day yesterday.