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Fall-ey Things. October 22, 2007

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It was sooo gorgeous out today. And it is supposed to be like that tomorrow too, and i have no classes. What does this mean? Time to engage in Fall-ey type activities.

Now, you may ask, what makes an activity Fall-ey? Well it is actually quite a prestigious tag given to only the most fun, most rewarding, and most memorable fall-related things. Some people get confused when they hear the word Fall, and believe that it is associated with school, the end of the wonderful summer freedom, and the disappearance of lazy days. This assumption, however, is not accurate. These things should not be harnessed with Fall. They are strictly Autumnish.

Autumnish things are the activities, routines, and the schedules we are compelled to keep when this season returns around September.

Autumnish Things 

  • School
  • Waking up early
  • Going to bed on time (ish)
  • Homework
  • Remembering what day it is
  • Getting stuck behind people going 25/30 mph on south river road
  • Being depressed Sunday night, etc.

These are the type of thing that comes with the formality of Autumn, but can’t be understood as Fall-ey. Most Fall-ey things are spur of the moment, on a whim things. Not like the structured events of Autumn. Things that just make you happy, no matter how trivial or dumb they sound, are true Fall-ey things.

Fall-ey Things 

  • Jumping in the leaves
  • Skipping through colored trees
  • Taking random drives and not getting lost or if you do it is ok
  • Seeing stars and appreciating them all the more because you know their time is limited.
  • Taking a deep breath and the air is cold and clean and smells so good.
  • Drinking apple cider (or just apple juice) outside and thinking only of how beautiful everything is
  • Putting a long-sleeved shirt/sweater/jacket on in the morning because it is sunny but sorta cold.
  • Drinking or eating pumpkin flavored things. Or carving pumpkins. Or basically anything that pumpkins are involved with.
  • Talking with someone, and turning to face the sun to get your faces warm, a little cold, but not wanting to go inside because it feels so good and is so awesome and you know winter is coming and you wont have this chance.

Those are true Fall-ey things. And for something to be Fall-ey, it has to be on one of these perfect days. Sunny and chilly, beautiful and clear. Where the leaves are changing and falling. You can’t just make an activity Fall-ey.

Things that might be done to attempt to achieve a Fall-ey activity but don’t actually count

  • Pulling green leaves off a tree in order to jump in them and make a leaf angel in Springtime.
  • Visiting the pumpkin patch in April.
  • Skipping through an apple orchard in the rain.
  • Dancing and singing the monster mash in July.

All of these things in the right circumstances might be Fall-ey, but just don’t work that way if you try to force it at the wrong time. You don’t get many Fall-ey days. At least here. So deal with them wisely.


18 Responses to “Fall-ey Things.”

  1. Elliot Swan Says:

    Autumnish things = Fall-ey things.

  2. D3vastator Says:

    “Skipping through colored trees”

    How come everyone has ninja skills but me?

  3. D3vastator Says:

    D3vastator’s list of Fall-ey things:

    Jump through the leaves, trip, fall down and hurt yourself

    TOTALLY skipping through colored trees.

    I do random drives all the time

    Ignoring the stars and playing video games

    Take a deep breath and gag because of all the car exhaust

    Forget to buy apple cider all of October

    Put fleeces on all the time, even during summer, because even though everybody else thinks your insane, you just have a 100+ resistance to heat

    Wonder why “the cheat” pumpkin I made last year didn’t win any prize

    Be anti-social


    Get really sick, annoyed, and write negative things on other people’s blogs.

    …and wait for some good Wii games to come out.

  4. Jesse Allen Says:

    Leopard came out today!!!

  5. josephallen Says:

    Fall-ey things:

    Going to the pumkin patch in the mud and rain.

    Geting lost in the dark maze and having a nine year old girl lead you out.

    Getting in trouble for eating donuts for breakfast.

    And blowing the neighbor kid with the leaf blower.

  6. Ah yes… Fall-ey days… I HAVE hands. Sigh.

  7. D3vastator Says:

    I’ll pretend I got that.

  8. alwaysbri Says:

    and we will be glad that you didn’t.

  9. D3vastator Says:

    Tell me or no Wii for any of you mortals! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  10. d3vastator Says:

    Wow. Blog posts have died.

  11. char1es Says:

    To keep you all abreast of my life:
    Fall developments for Charlie Boy:
    •Finally finishing a 339-page novel only to go back and change it all again
    •Dreaming about being jilted
    •Making $172.50 in a single week outside of a real “job”
    •Buying music
    •Breaking open two blisters, one on each thumb base; aaaaand,
    •Finding out that I need to quit thinking about swear words while driving.

    And the name Wii should definitely be changed, and I know everyone should agree with me.

  12. dirtyrock Says:

    Only half of the comments have anything to do with the post itself. How odd.

    Charles, you really need a blog. And if we changed the name of the Wii, how could we make all these hilarious puns?

  13. charles Says:

    You change my mind in mysterious ways, Isaiah.

  14. Jesse Allen Says:

    I found your blog, Isaiah. You cannot hide from me any longer. Your inmost thoughts are now open to the public eye. God save us all.

  15. pinkcloud1997 Says:

    hey, sis.

  16. D3vastator Says:


  17. aqualight918 Says:

    this is just a tinsey bit odd…

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