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…and the rest of the randomness September 14, 2007

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so it is like 6. i just got back from my place of employment. i walk in and have this conversation with the guy working:

him- You’re early

me- A little…

him- Well you probably shouldn’t clock in till your shift gets closer

me- I work in like 10 minutes, i think it’s okay.

him- You don’t work until 7 i thought.

me- No, 6.

him- You sure? Check the schedule.

me- I’m sure but i’ll check. *checks* 7. *takes apron and visor off* see you in an hour.



and so it begins.

Got my books today.  $300 dollars, baby.



Wanted: Music. Preferably the good kind. September 5, 2007

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today seemed like a Beautiful Day to start The Quest for music. Somebody Told Me that a Friend of a Friend suggested some bands, and i thought there were few Better Days to try them out.

Now, i’m a little picky with music… not much but Enough. it’s Typical if i start a song, that i Change My Mind when It’s Not Over and switch it.. My Reason? somehow, All At Once, i hear the song and it Makes Me Wonder if i Still want to Listen to it. i just sometimes get Bored with them.

so Here I Am, seems like it’s been Forever. All I Want is to find music. Nothing Else Matters much at the moment, it’s Sad But True. some of these bands are quite The Joke, though, and i’m trying to Give A Little Bit of slack, but everything is either too Emo, or the bands Remind Me of some other Basket Case band. Everything is lame. I’m Sorry, but listening to some of this, Frankly causes massive amounts of Pain.

the Remedy involves Searching for a Plan B. it also possibly involves Cake. my resolve has Broken. i figure the population can be Divided Right in Two groups. The first being people who can’t get Over things, and the other, people who know it is okay to Change Your Mind. i figure i’ll have to Redefine What I’ve Done, and Be Somebody who, when Under Pressure, is able to think rationally and Move On. so I’m Still Here, but i’m Over You, old bands, so Deal With It.

However, the Toxic melodies of some of these bands Wont Go Away. What If i am never able to get them out of my head? the Beats seem to say, “The More you resist… the worse it’ll be… you’ll be proud of yourself… Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Be Proud? com’mon… Are You Ready to like this? What About Now?” but Not A Chance. i’m sticking with the good stuff. and can hopefully find Something new. it’s all quite the Disarray. 56. No, 57. well now 58. Why Do I Keep Counting? (59).

well guys, i wanted to Never Let You Down, so i thought i’d try this Crazy idea and see What Happened. (62)

so Let Me Know if you have any music suggestions. Thanks. (64). sigh.