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SkM&ittles August 28, 2007

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It’s weird how sometimes things will totally just blindside you. Like when you completely expect something 100% and it doesn’t happen. I don’t know how to explain it except that you are totally surprised.

The best example that comes to mind was today when I got home… There was a bag of candy on the counter. Colorful candy circles. M&Ms. So I grab a handful and toss some in my mouth. And it was weird. Chocolaty. And fruity. crunchy. And chewy. Apparently it was a mix of M&Ms and Skittles. And it wasn’t a big deal or anything but in that second i was like, “what the heck,” as I was completely expecting M&Ms and randomly got Skittles too. Plus the fact that M&Ms and Skittles def aren’t supposed to mix like that. Which is completely beside the point.

This summer has kind of been one of these things, too. Completely different than I thought it would be. Not bad at all, just different. It’s been random. At the beginning of summer I set aside this whole notebook thing for writing down all the fun stuff I did, imagining how full and awesome it was going to be, and how i would look back through it and go, “gee whiz i did a lot of neat stuff this summer.” Wellll i’m looking at my list. I kinda stopped writing and every once in a while I will try to fill it in but end up just writing the highlights and probably missing a lot. So I have like a page and a half of stuff. Hmm.

Now, there are a few weeks of summer left, and I fully plan to make the most of them. If i can find things to do. Kala is coming back soon. YAY. it’s been weird not having her here. I was so worried when she left. For one that she might not come back, and for two that i would be bored all summer. I have been bored a lot, it’s true, but what else is new. And i’ve had a really good summer doing things with other people. i’m so excited she’s coming home tho. And summer’s not over. Lots more days for lots more plans with lots more people. or the same people i’ve been hanging out with usually. but i like it. Labor day has always been kind of the judge of summer’s end for me, so i’ve been kinda freaking out about that, but college doesn’t start till later in september, so i can breathe easier, at least for a while. off topic. again.

It just kinda surprised me when i realized that next week my sisters are going back to school. little bit of a reality check.

Gah. this post totally had a point when i started and now has become just another installment of “Brianna babbles about nothing that anyone really cares about” where you guys skim without caring that much and then comment to be nice. or don’t comment at all. sigh. this happens far too much. My blog deserves more respect… it should be getting insightful or profound thoughts and instead it’s stuck with boring me. ah well. teehee i have fun. even if no one reads this. or if i decide not to post it at all. But I have to say, I wish I was more inspired to write some good posts…


6 Responses to “SkM&ittles”

  1. It’s funny, and probably sounds cliche, which is why I try not to say it unless I really mean it… but all that to say, I know exactly what you mean, my friend.

    And, for the record, I like reading your posts.

  2. alwaysbri Says:

    And, for the record, I like reading your posts.

    That makes one!


  3. josephallen Says:

    How did bri quote Kala before kala said anything?
    Funny post.

  4. alwaysbri Says:

    oh crazy it switched them… i’ll fix it.

  5. Elliot Swan Says:

    Skittles and M&Ms…hmmm…Interesting idea.

  6. eswan Says:

    at least your posts aren’t boring like some i have read

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