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Inflation June 28, 2007

    Early this morning, my littlest sister woke up enthusiastically. Those of you who know my little sister will truly appreciate the true wonder of that statement. And let me tell you, she was on a mission. Got dressed after carefully considering the weather, and bounded downstairs. She strode into the den and grabbed some paper, glue, coloring supplies, and the phone. In my sleepy stupor I noticed little else, that is until I heard her exclaim, “See you at noon!” saw her hang up the phone, and noticed her proudly holding up a paper sign reading “Lemonade! $.50!”

Ah, the lure of the lemonade stand to a kid in the summer. Do not underestimate it’s power. This particular lemonade stand disturbed me on so many levels. I’m serious.

First of all, I remember having lemonade stands at my old house. I used to love to have them. Sharon and I would drag chairs out to the end of the culdesac, a table, lemonade, and a whole lot of cups and ice. There we would sit for hours on end, sometimes joined by Cody, or Carmen down the street. Talking, giggling, having a grand ol’ time… and barely selling any lemonade. In fact, I think we probably had an average of about three customers every time. Our parents would sometimes buy some, and this one guy who lived across from our street would come out and buy some. We would replace the ice about 10 times, and occasionally we would find that we’d drunk all the lemonade, and one of us would run in and make more. Ahh… good times. It kinda makes me a little bit sad to think back to those summer days… we had such fun out there, whether or not we made any money. It was so simple lol. Hehe we’d get discouraged sometimes, and we’d  convince my mom to let us bring out da baby… thinking that it would lure people to our lemonade stand, having that cute little baby out there…

which brings me to the next disturbing point. Emylee was the cute little baby. And now she is the one out there with her best pal attempting to sell lemonade. It’s kind of surreal, truth be told. They are out there sitting side by side, drinking up most of the lemonade they have out there, and occasionally running in for more ice. It’s like deja vu. But not cuz it isn’t me. Just like it’s happened before.

But while many things seem extraordinarily similar,  it is clear that times are not the same. I mean, $.50?? Jeez. Inflation rears it’s ugly head. We used to charge $.15. If we were feeling particularly adventuresome. Not to mention the fact that they have an elaborate chalk mural on the sidewalk in front of their stand. Some things have definitely changed. And yet everything is so freakily familiar. And totally different. All at the same time.

The appearance may be more extravagant then in my day, but the basic idea is the same. Kids, opening a lemonade stand on the side of a dead residential street where 3 people pass by in an hour or two. A couple people stop and take pity, buying a glass or two and leaving an over the top tip with the excuse of not needing change or not having a smaller amount. The kids drink most of the lemonade themselves, the ice melts, and they have a great time. At the end of the day they count the money they’ve made, which looks a lot like that scene in Napoleon Dynamite where Napoleon counts the change he got at the chicken farm place. It is never quite as much as you think it is going to be. The kids split it evenly, excited about it even though they made like a buck fifty each, oblivious to the fact that doesn’t even cover the cost of supplies… craziness. Lemonade stands are so bizarre. They are like a world of their own.

I don’t know. It’s weird lol.


5 Things I Probably Shouldn’t do but Plan on Doing Anyway-This Weekend. June 23, 2007

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Prompted by Elliot’s comment way back when, I decided to post 5 things I Probably Shouldn’t do but Plan on Doing Anyway- This Weekend. There is a longer list of things I most likely shouldn’t do but will probably anyway, but here are 5 that I think this weekend probably has in store.

  1. Drive to Washington. Me + Driving long distances = potential disaster. Not because I am a bad driver, but rather because I am directionally challenged.
  2. Drive back from Washington. You’d think that after driving somewhere it would be easy to get back, but that is not the case. I find I am twice as likely getting lost on the way home than I am on the way there.
  3. Give my graduation gifts. Teehee. Not sure how this particular one will go over.
  4. Drive back to Washington. Once you go somewhere once, it seems like getting there a second time would be easier. But I have found that I am 36.54% more likely of getting lost on my way somewhere far away for the second time than I am of getting lost on the way back from that place the first time.
  5. If I make it past these first 4, I figure I’ll do something drastic very quickly, as the kind of luck I will have to have to make it this far will probably only come about once in a lifetime.

So there ya go.


Bobby Pins, Cowboy Hats, and Nail Polish- Three Things That Will Not be Mentioned in This Post. June 14, 2007

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I have decided that I will make a list of fun things I do this summer. I got a little notebook for graduation, and it seems perfect for the master list of summer fun. In fact, that’s what I am going to call the record. The Master List of Summer Fun. I think it will be interesting. And at the end of summer, I’ll come back and read through it, and write a killer post about the summer. I’ll write all the important stuff, such as sleeping outside, star watching, spontaneous bike/car/walking trips, and youth group activities. I’ll keep track of how much coffee and diet coke I drink, the times I go to the park and swing, and all the little and big things that are the moments of just good times. It’ll be fun. And I figure I’ll keep it up for at least a week or so before I forget all about it… just kidding, I’m going to try to keep it up. You guys should all do it too, and then we can all blog about it come fall. I’d be pretty cool. And those who don’t have blogs should get them. Or they could comment about it or whatnot. Yea. So we should do that.

Also, I killed my car today. I haven’t done that in a long time. It was very sad. I hope no one saw me. I hate doing that. Another thing that is very sad is that I can’t find one of my star shoes. I was going to wear them today, but alas, only one was to be found. Ah well. I wore my Birkenstocks. Which I like.  I do wonder where it is tho…

I had a funny dream last night. There was this monster named Ted. It was strange.

I kind of feel like jumping over random things with flying kicks. I love doing that. I may go out into my back yard with a chair or something. /me ponders. I wish we had a hanging bag in the garage or something so I could go and practice on it. That’d be fun.

So that was the thought process of Wednesday so far. I love summer =D


Graduation June 9, 2007

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There were three things I was thinking of during graduation.

  1. A Gateway MX8734 17″ widescreen notebook.
  2. How I wished my name was something like the kid in the front row’s name. “Nathan John Henry Keller-Smith the 4th.” Seriously. Say that aloud and drink in the impressiveness. Instead I had to be “Brianna Taylor.” Just not note worthy next to Mr. Keller-Smith there.
  3. The kid next to me and his obsession with beach balls.

Good times. but by golly, I am now a graduate… W00t.

The Graduate

And don’t I look smart…


Not So Sentimental Reality Check. June 7, 2007

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Alright. I have to say, after staying in chem until 4:30, I am feeling less sentimental, more euphoric.


ahahaha… /me continues to laugh manically…


Sentimental Daydreaming

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Here I am. On the computers in the back of the library, using Firefox. This year has come full circle. Another strange person is sitting next to me muttering incoherently, and I have to admit I’m getting a tad sentimental. I’ve found myself in this place many a time over this school year, and quite frankly, it’s a smidge depressing that life has changed that little.

But then I think. While it seems like just yesterday I emailed about how weird my first day of the year was, it was really 9 months ago. /me drops jaw. That freaks me out. A lot has happened since then. I see three major changes in my life.

  • I’ve become kind of a geek. Alright, more of a geek anyway. For sure. I <3 my computer (tho it could use some major upgrades…. lots and lots of upgrades…). I do more on the computer than I thought I would ever, what with starting blogging, talking to friends, typing more papers than I thought was possible… crazy.
  • Gotten to know people better =) Makes me happy.
  • Some of my views and ideas about things and people have shifted… drastically… I will leave that one broad as a lot falls under this category.

So there you have it. My three main changes. There may be more? I dunno, you tell me. I do feel like I’ve done a lot in the last year tho. I mean

  • Black belt
  • Graduating early
  • Wednesday rituals (phutwa!!)
  • Good friends
  • snowboarding
  • Some awesome search engine terms
  • A relatively successful and thoroughly stress relieving blog to rant on
  • umm. some more stuff…
  • some good parties and stuff…
  • awesome debates and perfect randomness
  • movie nights
  • overnighters of funness
  • funner things
  • and I don’t even know. A lot. A lot.

It’s so crazy, ya know? Sigh. Just weird. Last day. The bell just rang… say goodbye to the library computer, say goodbye to the psycho next to me, and wow. I’m done with high school.


Oh, to Wish on a Falling Star… June 2, 2007

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I have always been one of those people who wishes. A lot. I’ve been told on several occasions, “You are going to wish your life away, and someday, you will regret it!” But I don’t really do that kind of wishing. Not to be older or smarter or cooler. Instead, I like the little kid type wishing. I can’t even help it. There are so many things to wish on, and each has it’s own type of wish that seems to lend itself to the type.

Dandelions are fun ones. I am one of those people who everyone with a lawn despises because I see the wisher blowy guys and I cheerfully blow and the dandelions spread. Dandelions are for wishes for sunny days, good times, and golden afternoons. You see them and watch as the seeds fly all over, and it seems so appropriate to hope for something warm and sunny.

Stars on the other hand, are for different kind of wishes. The first star of the evening is for wishing for something you want very badly. You wish for the same thing, night after night, on that first star of night. Every time you see it, you whisper your specific wish, stopping only if it comes true. Falling stars, however, are full of opportunity. They are for wishing on a whim. Anything that is on your mind at the moment. These are the fun ones cuz the wish just jumps into your mind, spur of the moment, and just seems to fit.

Then you have the floaty things. You know the ones that you see in the summer and are all kinda fuzzy? Them. They are fun cuz you have to work for them. You see one floating by and have to catch it to earn a wish. Once you have it, you have to let it go again in order to wish. These are for short term wishes and thrills. Something exciting and instant, that doesn’t have to last forever. Like a happy greeting, someone to play tag with, or a glass of cold water. Refreshing wishes, if you will.

There are many other things to wish on, but I find that these are the funnest to me. I know, I know. Wishing is silly, it doesn’t make things happen, it’s pointless, and whatever is going to happen will happen with or without my childish wishing. I am aware of that. But I really do like to make wishes. /me shrugs. I get a strange sense of enjoyment out of it. I may outgrow it… we’ll see. Maybe when all of my wishes come true.