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Illogical Thought Processes May 29, 2007

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I had the pleasure of watching scary movies last night, and I have quite an active imagination. I am pretty easily freaked out, and I do weird things when I am scared, and it got me thinking of what the other people were doing when they were scared.  I realized, that people really do like, the worst, most illogical things when freaked out. I mean seriously. If there actually was someone/something to be scared of, we would make it so much worse by doing what we do. I mean, think about it. It’s so dumb.

Things people do:

  • Wrap up in a blanket (aka tangle yourself up so as to make it harder to escape if there actually was something coming for you).
  • Cover their eyes (aka not be able to see or prepare for when it approaches).
  • Yell/say incoherent (or worse, coherent) things (aka tell them exactly where you are). << this one is my personal downfall.
  • Hide (aka, prolong the inevitable).

What kind of rituals are these!? So bright. Why don’t we help them some more. Gosh, with our happy help, the aliens, monsters, dead people, giant arachnids, or whatever is haunting your thoughts at any particular time, wouldn’t need to really even try that hard. I’m thinking the ‘bad guys’ are actually probably pretty wimpy, since they really don’t have to work that hard for their victims seeing as we help them so much. Food for thought. If they are all wimpy we shouldn’t be afraid in the first place. but if we weren’t afraid, we wouldn’t do stupid things, and the scary thing would be forced to not be wimpy any more, which in turn would make us scared, because they could actually do bad things. It really is a vicious circle.


What I Learned Today May 24, 2007

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  • “They don’t care what you’ve done, where you’ve been, they just don’t care.” i think that was supposed to be encouraging.
  • “You can get a better education at WOU than almost any state institution” mental institution? Prison? could you please be more specific?
  • “living on campus is free.” *loud cheering ensues* “er, I mean, parking on campus is free.” *more cheering* <random person who looks mad runs up and talks with the speaker> “oh it isn’t free…” *later* “living on campus is free! I mean parking! I mean eating! I mean it isn’t? *sigh*… and now i get fired.”
  • “and parents? send your kids care packages. I never got any care packages… *long pause*… my parents didn’t send me… anything… *cough* so yea. parents. do that. and you know, if you want to send me one too…” all said in a very sad voice…
  • “they chose decent housing partners…ya know… you may not want to invite them to your wedding, but they wont go and steal your eggs.” um… okay.

My Bitterness, Graduation, and All That Fun Stuff.

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I figured out what Graduation is. Pretty sure.

Graduation. Joy. Caps and gowns of an awfully atrocious color. I am pretty sure whoever chose these had a sick sense of humor.

Really annoying and pointless meetings. Lots of them. I’m serious. There are at least ten different things I could go to, and another dozen things I am required to go to before graduating.

Amazingly busy yet amazingly bored. I feel like there are a zillion things I should be doing at all times, but at the same time, I am sooo bored! Like, I just want to go out and do something crazy, but I have nothing to do! Ack.

Days are numbered until you leave- (16 counting weekends!!)- yet it still seems so far.

Unfortunate casualties. There are a handful of people who aren’t even going to graduate this year because  they were slackers and decided not to do any of the lame  requirements. So dumb. I mean, it isn’t like they haven’t had all year, and this is basically just throwing the last 4 years of highschool down the drain. come on people. don’t be dumb.

A fine line. The principle went off on a hugely long lecture about how pranks would not be tolerated, and that if the kids paint that one hill that they always paint every year, they wouldn’t hesitate to arrest them. Careful, kids. don’t blow it all away by being stupid so close to graduation. So glad I am smart and wouldn’t do something like that.

Teehee. You over hear some weirddd conversations in the hallways this time of year… *cough*

I just don’t understand most of the hype, I have to admit. I feel like I’m going to die or something. Everyone getting teared up and stuff. My life isn’t over, i am just leaving high school, thanks goodness, and if that was ‘life,’ wow. That’s reallllly sad.

 “Oh, why me?”

Nothing I am looking forward to more than getting out of here. Well there are a couple other things I am looking forward to happening, but this is pretty much up there on that list. I daresay tied for first. possibly second. Anyway. it is up there.

Graduation, at it’s finest. Oh, I’m sure it will get better, be fine, and I’ll be glad for everything, but right now it is just seeming kind of lame.


Jobs I Wouldn’t Mind Having. May 23, 2007

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I will preface this by saying that I get bored a lot. And think of things like this.

  • Car safety statistics tester or whatever the heck they are called. Anywho, the person that gets to crash cars to see what happens. I’d be like, “Hmmm… lets see what happens when I hit make this car hit the wall at 97 MILES AN HOUR!! MWAHAHA!” *heavy breathing*… okay okay, that probably wouldn’t be the best job for me. sigh. /me daydreams
  • The Diet Coke official taster. I know there is one. That would be good.
  • Travel accommodation tester. One of those people who travel agencies send to all sorts of extravagant places and pay for them to stay in expensive hotels with pools and ginormous beds with tons of pillows and marble staircases and delicious food. And then ask what you think of it. Yeah.
  • The person who hair supply companies pay to try their new product. I have good hair for that too. They’d be like, “Brush your hair and we will try this and then your hair will look amazing, and we will pay you for it. or it wont work, you wash it out none the worse, and we pay you anyway.” sounds pretty good to me.
  • The maintenance person in the It’s a Small World ride in Disneyland. Oh wait…

A Worthy Opponent May 15, 2007

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I applaud you, David of Troy, and Troy of Troy. Your efforts were valiant. I take my bow, and acknowledge defeat. I was pretty much pwned. My mythology dominating days are a thing of the past, and I will live out the last 3 weeks of my life in ancient Greece coming to terms with the fact that I was conquered by Trojans.

I just remind myself that while they may have won the battle, they lost the war. The Trojan one. And fell for the whole wooden horse thing. So there. Makes me feel a little better. The end.


Bigfoot Lives May 10, 2007

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    Backpackers, campers, and hikers dream of a sighting. Admittedly skeptical, but hoping that one day they will see the creature of legends. They all want to see Bigfoot. This supposedly ‘mythical’ creature has haunted many stories, and tales throughout history. I wish with all my heart to see Bigfoot, and I believe that someday I will. Many people doubt Bigfoot’s very existence, but this doubt is unfounded. Bigfoot, obviously, not only lives, but is healthy, thriving, and currently dwelling deep in the forests of Colorado.

Why Colorado? It makes the most sense. Dense forests, as well as plentiful food supply and water. Sounds like a good setup for the guy. Bigfoot has been spotted in quite varied places, it is true. Montana, California, Oregon, Ohio, you name the place, Bigfoot has been seen there. There is an explanation for this. Obviously, there is not only one Bigfoot, but a whole family or maybe even species of the creature. Where Colorado is the place that the head creature, the Bigfoot lives, other places house different bigfoot’s. Or maybe he is a very fast runner. That possibility should not be counted out. Either way, Bigfoot romps through the forests, headquartered in Colorado, and the family he may or may not have, may or may not live in different places, explaining the sightings. The forests shield him, or possibly them, from many prying eyes of the public, and the water and food keep him, or possibly them, healthy and strong.

Even with this logical solution to Bigfoot’s housing problems, people still refuse to believe  in Bigfoot’s existence. These people overlook the many eyewitness accounts of encounters over the years. I had the honor of meeting one such eyewitness, a man who saw Bigfoot for himself. His overalls weren’t too incredibly dirty, and even though he referred to himself as “St. Charles the Second,” I am confident that his account of the encounter is basically true. People usually don’t believe him, but I think that just because a man doesn’t do his taxes for a few years, and marries his daughter off to her own cousin, doesn’t mean he isn’t trustworthy. Furthermore, St. Charles the Second is not the only person who has seen Bigfoot. Many others- and some of them not certifiably insane- have spotted this creature of legends. Many tracks of the animal have been found, confirming these sightings beyond the shadow of a doubt. These footprints could not be faked. Probably.

It is true that Bigfoot has been reported to look different ways. Sometimes he is made out to look like a large monkey, walking on two legs. Other times, Bigfoot is said to be more human like, but extremely hairy. Certain individuals use the differences to show that Bigfoot couldn’t exist, for the accounts vary, and cannot be trusted.  Ape and man, however, are not that different. In almost every Biology class in the country, kids are taught that man is merely monkey, but evolved. I don’t feel that we should judge what is man, and what is ape, seeing as people are supposedly just ape plus a few million years. Bigfoot very well could be somewhere in the process of evolving. If we take evolution as truth, ask no questions, and don’t think too much, Bigfoot doesn’t seem completely unlikely.

Bigfoot exists. There is no question about it. He has been sighted by almost fairly reputable sources, and his footprints have been seen. The differences in location and appearances are explained with some thought. People need to stop asking questions, and digging deeply into the story. Embrace the fact that Bigfoot lives.


Random Babbling May 7, 2007

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I like days that are just nice.
You know the days that you just like, stand around with your friends and talk about nothing at all, but you’re there, and they are there, cuz you just enjoy being together.

The days you drive with all the windows down, blasting music, and singing along at the top of your lungs.

You know these days. The days where a smile just naturally transitions into a giggle, and soon you’re rolling on the floor laughing. You can do something illogical just for the sake of doing it, and skip instead of walk. The days that you get absolutely nothing accomplished, and yet you have this funny feeling in your stomach, like you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

It doesn’t really make sense… i mean, it seems like these days don’t really make a difference in the long run, but really, they do. These are the days you get to know people better, the days it feels like you can see clearly. You know what you want, and it is right in front of you. These days make you feel as if your dreams are not crazy, makes you know that your heart is in the right place, and any fear that you previously had just melts away. You look at your life and go, “hey, there really is a plan, isn’t there? God really does have this under control.” These days heighten your faith, and are just all around nice. And  sometimes meybe they are just good. Nothing spiritual, emotional, or anything, just relaxing, and an escape from the world. You take chances, ask questions, go out on a limb because you are just excited. And I’ll bet it works out. You are optimistic, and daring, and just plain happy. These are good days.

I like ’em.

And that’s all.


My Wonderful 9 Year-Old Sis. May 2, 2007

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    So my little sister is pretty funny. She is becoming more sarcastic, witty, and brutal every day, and I am absolutely loving it. So today she wrote this list of insults. They are basically supernaturally awesome, so I had to post them.

  •  You’re a pickle on the hamburger of meanness!!! P.S. I dislike pickles!!!
  • You’re a helpless child on the playground of the needy! Why don’t you make more money!
  • You’re a color that can’t find the rainbow because that pitiless color is gray!
  • You’re a lemon trying to find the sweet fruit bowl, but even if you do, you’ll always be sour!!
  • E=MC^2, but not to you!
  • I can spot your highlights from far away!
  • You’re a lockbox mailbox that hasn’t been locked!

I pretty much love this kid.


My Run in With Envelopes May 1, 2007

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Fold. Stuff. Close. Goldfish. Write. Stuff. Write. Lick. Stick.

Fold. Stuff. Close. Goldfish. Write. Stuff. Write. Lick. Stick.

Fold. Stuff. Close. Goldfish. Write. Stuff. Write. Lick. Stick.

Fold. Stuff. Close. Goldfish. Write. Stuff. Write. Lick. Stick.

Fold. Stuff. Close. Goldfish. Write. Stuff. Write. Lick. Stick.

Seas of envelopes to address.

Some day these memories I will repress.

Inner, outer, invitations, and pics.

I wish, oh I wish that this would be over quick.

Questions everywhere in my sight,

“Do I like this person enough to invite?”

Almost done with this process so long,

When I realize… that I did it all wrong.