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7 Things a Cardiologist Can Never Say to a Heart Patient. April 28, 2007

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  • “This is bizarre… You know, you may want to pay our complete fee today.”
  • “Teehee… Your heartbeat kinda sounds like the beat of the macarena…”
  • “Hah. Like this person wouldn’t have already been DEAD. ….Oh wait these are your actual charts?!? Dangggg….”
  • “Bud. You’re pretty much out of luck.”
  • “Have you ever noticed how the EKG results make a great connect-the-dots?”
  • “What the heck is this?”
  • “Remember to take a Red Bull and some French Fries on your way out…”

3 Little Things That Make Me Smile April 26, 2007

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It is so fun to make people smile. Everyone seems to have somewhat different little things that will just randomly bring a grin to their faces. Whether you realize it or not, when you get to know someone, you start to see these things. At the mention of a certain thing, you notice the brightening of their eyes, an irrepressible lifting of the sides of their mouth, and a spring in their step. Their mind is a million miles away, thinking about this thing that just brings a unexplainable joy.

Now there are things that can just make you smile sometimes. These aren’t the things that we are talking about here. The ones we want are the ones that the person just can’t help smiling. They could be sick, tired, mad, or even asleep, yelling like crazy, you mention the smile-thing, and the next second you turn around and they have this goofy grin on their face like a kid in a candy store. The objects/ideas that inspire this kind of joy are not the same for everyone, which makes it kind of tricky to figure them out. But usually you can find them pretty easily. They range from things a person is passionate about, whether that be an instrument, music, running, etc, to things that are seemingly meaningless and trivial. Puppies (but not for Ben), compliments, skipping, and there are a zillion more possibilities.

I was thinking about what makes my friends smile, and what makes me smile, and it is funny how when you think about it, you know what will work for certain people. I can think of three that make me smile, there may be more, but these are the one’s i know about anyway.

  • Sunshine. Any way, any time.
  • Stars. Anyone mentions stars and I’m thinking night time, wrapped up warm in a nice cozy blanket, gazing up at the amazing sky. Ahhh…
  • Plaid. Don’t ask me why because quite frankly, I have no idea. Plaid shirts, plaid shorts, plaid socks, you name it.

These things that make you grin may not make sense, they may be completely and totally different, the same, wacky, or sensible, but that’s what makes it fun.


Farewell World April 16, 2007

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Well I am leaving for 5 whole days. I’m *sniff* gonna miss you guys…

So love ya all, have a good week, and I just want to leave you with one last remark;

“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. I, uh, I h-have things to do. I’ve put this off for far too long. I regret to announce — this is The End. I am going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye.”


Friday the 13th April 14, 2007

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I think that the whole Friday the 13th thing is overrated. It is so random how everything seems so much more ominous on this day. It’s like, “Oh, Friday the 13th, I don’t know if you want to go jumping off any cliffs,” “Oh, you’re getting blood drawn on Friday the 13th? That’s a bad sign…” on and on and on. Truth be told, I think that it isn’t really going to matter what day you jump off a cliff, it’s just not going to be a good thing. Unless it is a very small cliff. Or there is a large ocean at the bottom. But that is beside the point. I think that the only way suspicious things happen on this day is that people are acting different than normal, so strange things happen. Or they are just ultra-sensitive, and notice the weird things more. I know, now that I said that I will probably have 12 black cats cross my path, walk under 9 ladders, and then get hit by a car or something, but I just wanted to get that out there.

Friday the 13th is overrated.

Furthermore, I have a couple random facts that make Friday the 13th a lot funnier, and less spooky. In Greece and Spain, Tuesday the 13th replaces our Friday the 13th. I’m sorry, but Tuesday? Tuesday’s are like the least scary days of the week. Can you imagine, “ARG! Watch out! It’s TUESDAY the 13th!! RAHR!” That has to be the most hokey thing I’ve ever heard. Plus, the names for a phobia of Friday the 13th are:

paraskavedekatriaphobia, and friggatriskaidekaphobia.

I just can’t take this seriously.


Senior Paper Gone Wrong. (Or is it Right?) April 9, 2007

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 High school has been a very interesting experience. I have learned many things, ranging from the trivial and insignificant, to the serious and important. I’ve learned life lessons, painful realities, and cool handshakes. Even though I’ve been in high school for only a short three years, I feel that it has prepared me to become the person I want to be in the future, cynical, intelligent, sarcastic, and incredibly good looking.

First of all, let me say that I’ve learned some interesting things. I found that the computers in the back of the library have Firefox installed. I found that standing by the front doors and yelling causes a domino affect. I found that naming a sheep Killer is not accepted among the ancient Grecians, or even those who just think they live in ancient Greece. I found that Chemists respond negatively to family time, and that balancing equations is only as hard as it is to someone who can’t do it. I found that I shouldn’t probably give people as hard of a time as I do, but that it is pretty darn fun. I’ve learned important lessons. Don’t expect people to know you are joking, or appreciate a sense of humor. In law, the word “tort” does not refer to a delicious dessert. These lessons have stuck out in my years in high school as amusing eye openers. These pretty much have nothing to do with anything except a silver lining to the painfully long days, but nonetheless, I had to say them.

Back on track, I have learned a lot of meaningful, book/informational, information. I have learned a ton about history, writing, math, etc. I really do like to be a smart person, so though I may complain about all of the work, I really am grateful that I learned most of the stuff I have. I still don’ t see the merit to poetry, but I suppose one can’t expect to learn everything in high school. This is where the intelligence came in. Somehow, without realizing it at the time, I learned how to diagram sentences, balance chemical formulas, speak clumsy Spanish, and write good essays. I am glad i learned most of this stuff, though I am the first to say that there was a lot that I learned that I will never find useful or interesting in any way shape or form. But hey, it makes me feel smart to add it in to daily conversations.

I developed my cynicism through various experiences and situations, mostly through witnessing stupid people doing stupid things. This was an everyday occurrence, and at some point, you start to lose faith in the human race. You can only see so many cheerleaders and their quarterback boyfriends, emos and their bad attitudes, and skaters who badly need belts before you question the sanity of those around you. Luckily for myself, I also have some really amazing friends to keep me out of the insane asylum, at least for now. Friends are an essential commodity when going through high school, and I have the best. These are the friends that listen to your complaining, be cynical with you, and then correct your whining when it gets to be too much. These pals counteract the stupidities, and reassure me that there is some hope. In a sense I think they’ve furthered my cynicism, as most of them are cynical themselves, but I love it. We complain about the painful realities of society, and then we take faith that we will never become them. Without this venting, I would have long ago been deemed insane.

My sarcasm, I believe, comes from years of having to laugh at myself. I was quite clumsy at a time, I must admit. I said dumb things and tripped over my own feet. I became quite good about laughing about myself, which I think is a good quality to have. Only when you’ve laughed at yourself can you start to truly enjoy laughing at others. This is pretty much the way I live my life. Being sarcastic can sometimes get you into trouble, but when used right, is absolutely amazing. I have a feeling that even if I wanted to stop being sarcastic, which I don’t, but even if I wanted to, there is no way I’d be able to give it up. It is just too fun. Sarcasm also has it’s advantages. I have been known to say things and then change my mind later. This is never good, since I have things like, “If I ever like him, just smack me,” and, “I will never be a procrastinator.” Both of these situations have changed, and luckily for me, I can claim that I was being sarcastic at the time I said them, and no one is the wiser. Yet.

I’m not really sure when I became incredibly good looking, all I know is that I am. Just kidding. See, that was a demonstration of sarcasm. Wasn’t that fun? Yes. We love sarcasm.

I’ve learned things that are trivial and meaningless. Molly’s locker number, where the library is, and who to talk to if you can’t find a book. I’ve learned many things that I didn’t want to know. I learned who the druggies were and who fails all their classes, who doesn’t know any words that aren’t cussing and who talks about you behind your back. I also learned who to trust, who to look up to, and who to ask when I need help on my homework. I’ve had some interesting experiences, some involving large explosions, sunburns, and car type things. I learned how to waste time. The lovely world of the internet has opened up many things… I’ve also listened through my whole library of itunes, around 1500 songs, approximately 30 times in the last year, and I’ve drank countless Diet Cokes, to many to even guess at. Which is kind of painful.

All in all, I wouldn’t trade the last three years. I don’t like going to school, and I don’t really think I ever will, but it was the things outside of school that made my highschool years a good time. I got my black belt, learned to snowboard, made lasting friends, learned how to drive, learned how to not drive, fallen asleep way too late, and learned why I feel compelled to look at the clock at 11:11. Even though school wasn’t the highlight of these last three years, it has fueled my cynicism, my sarcasm, and my intelligence. Now I am a senior, and a year early no less, and I am pretty terrified to be leaving the high school that I have come to know and… know. But I’m excited at the same time. Time to go make a difference, I hope, and time to refine all of the skills I take pride in. And get rid of the pride I take in them.


I’m Out to Get You April 2, 2007

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    To tell someone you are out to get them most always has a negative connotation to it. Why is this!!? Sometimes, being out to get someone could be good. True story. And not only could it be good, it could prove to be a compliment, and even, I daresay, a blessing.

First of all, If the person didn’t care, then they wouldn’t be ‘out to get you.’ Obviously they have feelings about you, whether they happen to be good feelings or bad feelings matters not! If they could care less about you, they wouldn’t try so hard to do things to you. Think about it. Being out to get someone requires you to spend time with them. So really, when someone says they are out to get you, it is like saying, “I like spending time seeing you/talking with you/hanging with you” See? It’s flattering. Not negative.

Furthermore, the person probably wants to be as cool as you, and this is their feeble attempt to hide it. By claiming they are ‘out to get you,’ they are really saying that they want to be just like you. We all know how awkward it is when someone is a lot like you, so by saying that they are out to get you, they ward off any suspicion that they actually like you, which clears the way to like them and be like them as much as you want, and as long as everyone knows you are ‘out to get them,’ no one will be the wiser. Makes perfect sense really.

Finally, it is a blessing. Without good friends to care enough to be out to get you, where would you be, hmmm? Sad. That is where you would be. And since this person wants to be like you, they may distract you, but they wont try to do anything too bad, because they want you to do well, even if they wont admit it.

So if someone says that they are out to get you,  just realize the truth. If they didn’t like you, they wouldn’t go to the trouble of caring or trying to find a good side to being out to get you.