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Mental Fung Shui. Or Rather, Proving that in Order to Care About Everything, You have to first Care about Nothing. Or Rather, the Slackers Guide to Defending their Slacker-ness. February 18, 2007

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Feng Shui.

There is a whole side of feng shui that I didn’t even know about. I thought it was all arrangement and chi and kinda stuff like that. BUT I learned something. Feng Shui is actually quite a complicated idea. There are 8 parts of Feng Shui. Let me give you a nice little visual representation shall I?

Wealth Fame Marriage

Children Family

Knowledge Career Helpfulness

Alright. So this is Feng Shui. The concept of feng shui is that each of these 8 parts in your life need to be balanced and taken into account. If one is out of check, then everything will be out of check. This is usually a physical idea. For example, standing in the doorway of a room looking in, the top let corner of the room is the wealth section. The top middle, fame, etc. They say if like, the top right corner of your room is cluttered and full of junk, your marriage will face problems, and each corresponding section will affect each corresponding aspect of feng shui. And balance also comes into play in this concept. If you are missing one section it throws everything out of whack. I figure, if we can apply it physically with the arrangement, and stuff, we also should apply this concept mentally. This means we take the concepts of feng shui and try to keep them in balance for our lives. Try to keep the amount of everything about equal. I figure this will help us accomplish Mental Feng Shui.

This is where we run into our problem saving grace. Think about it. This concept is the teenaged slacker’s greatest excuse. The typical teenager has no wealth, fame, children, or marriage. Half of the concepts of feng shui don’t apply.

Where in the heck am I going with this, you ask? Well, if feng shui is all about the balance between all concepts, we have to try to make all of the aspects equal. So since we have no kids, fame, money, or spouse, we have to compensate with having a lack of knowledge, family togetherness, jobs, and helpfulness. That’s right. So forget learning, that would throw your mental feng shui off. Spending time with our families? Bah, nope, throws my feng shui off kilter. Get a job? Well, nice idea but that would def interrupt the chi flow in my fung shui. Helping? Just can’t do it. Havta keep that feng shui balanced you know.

So as you can see, in order to take care of all aspects of feng shui, we have to first care about none of them. It is all so clear now. So whenever someone calls you a slacker, you just have to say, “Actually just keeping my feng shui in check, thanks”.

This is a lesson to live by.


February. February 2, 2007

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February is a very funny month. It is a good month for people who don’t know what they want, are confused about everything, and like randomness. So basically it is a good month for me.

First of all, it is good for the confused and indecisive because it is all, “I have 28 days. Oh except for every four years I have 29. But then I am back to 28. But when that 4th year cycles around again… I like having 28 days it is pretty cool cuz no one else has only 28 days… but sometimes I like 29 better… I don’t know…yeah.” Perfect for those of us who haven’t a clue. I mean it doesn’t even really know what it wants, I’m pretty sure, so it isn’t that bad that we don’t.

And it is good for randomness as it is just kinda… there… there aren’t really any huge holidays, unless you count Valintines day a huge holiday, which only LAME people do btw… ;) . And it is just a month that is sorta there. Awkwardly there. I mean, we don’t know what to do with it. Sorta crammed in between January and March. Filler. How awkward would that be in conversations. Awkward I tell you.

So good ol’ February is here. In it’s confused, random, indecisive, amazing awkwardness. This is going to be a good month. I can feel it.

And that is all.